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Another twist as Gainsborough confirm NO groundshare agreement in place with Scunthorpe

Another twist has emerged as Gainsborough Trinity confirm that NO groundshare agreement has been put in place with Scunthorpe United.

It was confirmed on Thursday lunchtime (28 September) that Scunthorpe owner David Hilton had withdrawn funding for the club, who would be playing games away from Glanford Park because of a land dispute.

He already put the club up for sale, issuing a statement in which Hilton said his position became “untenable”, and was “actively seeking a way out”.

It is said that the National League North club would leave Glanford Park after playing host to Brackley on the 7th of October 2023, with home games 16 miles away at Gainsborough Trinity.

However, a statement from Gainsborough reads thay Scunthorpe’s statement was issued “without the knowledge or consent” of the club.


“Gainsborough Trinity FC are aware of a statement issued today by Scunthorpe United.

“This statement was issued without the knowledge or consent of Gainsborough Trinity.

“Whilst the club has always been clear that any requests from Scunthorpe United to play fixtures at the KAL Group Stadium would be considered, this would always have to be done by due process which would involve both clubs and the ground owner.

The local SAG (Safety Advisory Group), Police and local authority would also need to issue the appropriate safety certificates, which are not currently in place.

Glanford Park is still currently owned by ex-owner Peter Swann through land owners Coolsilk, and a trial is currently scheduled for January which would look at the validity of a sub-tenancy to use the venue.

“We can confirm that numerous parties have made contact with the club with a view to taking over, but faced with stadium issues, numerous litigation proceedings and winding up petitions no potential purchasers are looking to move forward,” the Scunthorpe statement went on relating to new ownership.

“This includes the consortium of local business people and supporters. The chairman and remaining board members have now set out a plan in order to very quickly make the club sustainable.

“An outside company will be bought in to work closely with the club’s creditors to try and ensure all are paid in a timely and professional manner.”

Hilton looked to have been the saviour, only replacing Swann in January, but has gone on to develop a strained relationship with supporters since taking on the ownership.

He looked to move training to Ilkeston as a cost-cutting measure, only to backtrack after huge backlash.

Then it was confirmed earlier in September that a fresh winding-up petition would be issued by His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Now news of another twist comes out as Gainsborough confirm NO groundshare agreement is in place with Scunthorpe, fans react to the situation…

@markjamestattoo: You need to get on this whole fiasco @netflix. One hell of a watch

@EddieRu24186859: The plot thickens. I’m sure I write for all reasonably-minded football fans in stating that we feel firstly and foremost for the fans of SUFC. After all, we would hate this to happen to our Club. What an absolute shambles. The cost of having poorly regulated over-ambitious owners

@capsnbovril: Jesus Christ

@formercoach79: Just gets better

@spireflyer: Unbelievable how do these ppl pass the fit and proper tests.

@jordanzakarin: Wow. David Hilton has been proven to be a liar about literally everything, from day one. He must surrender ownership of Scunthorpe United immediately. He’s a fraud, a conman, and a loser. It should be noted that Scunthorpe United DID have a ground share agreement in place with Gainsborough, but Hilton blew it by pissing them off. Swann made the club sick, but Hilton is the doctor who purposely tries to kill the patient.

@JoeCos93” 😬😬😬 Can’t help but feel sorry for Scunthorpe fans. Could happen to any club at any level. FA urgently need to step in.

@FFSChristie: Wow! So Scunthorpe owner has done a runner and they don’t have a ground to play in. Dreadful for their fans

@luuuuuukey: The conman is even lying about this! If you’re still saying this is on the fans and those nasty journalists that told the truth then you really need to have a word with yourself.

@MarkMcKillen: To say that Scunthorpe United are in a mess would be an understatement

@GlosCityFans: Genuinely will never be a normal day in the National League North ever

@martyn_raf1612: This whole situation today has more than a whiff of the Steve Dale Bury Market episode about it. Is Dale writing statements for Scunny now? #buryfc

@Greeny5o1: Just when you think it can’t get any worse…. It gets worse!

@NCAFC__Ben: I feel for Scunthorpe. If they’re still playing matches within the next few weeks or so then it must be a miracle and a half

@Mattpie95: Oh dear lord

@TheKitMatt: You’ve gotta be kidding me 😂😭

This is pretty much what happened to us back in the day…
“Brighton will be playing at Portsmouth next season.” – BHA CEO, David Bellotii, 1995.
“Not in this universe, you won’t.” – Portsmouth FC, 20 seconds later.
Spoiler alert: it all got a bit messy.

@RWillows: What a mess

@curtiz58: OMG the plot thickens 🙈🙈

@chriswatki1974: You can’t make this shit up

@BryScunny: Couldn’t make it up. What a joke we’ve become

@pbratters: What an absolute shambles

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