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Another Premier League ‘legend’ expresses interest in playing for Wrexham

Another Premier League ‘legend’ Morten Gamst Pedersen expresses an interest in playing for Wrexham, judging by his interview with SPORTbible.

He completed an 8th transfer of his professional career last month, when he signed a one-year deal with second-division side Ranheim, who currently sit third in the OBOS-ligaen table.

“I just want to do the best I can,” he says. “I will give everything I’ve got. I’ve decided to keep on going because of my love for the game. I just love football.”

After leaving Norwegian second tier side Asane in 2022, he spent the last year or so training ready for a different challenge.

He still makes sure injury prevention work if part of his routine, so that he compete in first-team football, despite some thinking he would have retired by now.

He also keeps his fitness up by swimming and running on a regular basis.

“If you’re going to build a house, you need a good base, and I feel I’ve got that now. I’d say the strength work is probably the most important. You can lose some power as you get older, so that’s the most important thing to be on top of.

“Of course, pace is the first thing you lose. I’ve never been the fastest player in the world but you try and lose as little as possible. That’s a major part of football. I’m working hard to stay on the same fitness levels as everyone else.

“Sometimes you have to think of your limitations. There is a life after football but at the moment, I can still focus on the things I want to do and challenge myself.”

Pedersen believes there is still one big adventure left to experience; should that be winning the league with current club Ranheim or even take to playing in League One or League Two – and he’s serious about the latter.

“It’s unbelievable what they are doing,” Pedersen says when the conversation turns to Wrexham. “I think it’s so cool. Yes, they get promoted and everything, but they are also building a brand from a club that’s quite far down in the system. It shows that if you get the right people and the right attitude, and everybody drags in the same direction, you can do a lot.

“Aren’t they the second-oldest club in the UK as well? They have a great history.”

On if he’d like to play for them: “Yeah, I would love to. Why not? Of course. Maybe if you tag me in a social media post, Ryan Reynolds could read this, and we get a chance to meet…

“I play more centrally now. I can play as a central midfield or a number 10; more like a playmaker role. I also play on the wing as well, because if you get a full-back that’s good to overlap, that’s perfect for me. I’ll use my strength on my left foot. I prefer to play further up the pitch.

“I was playing as a holding midfield for the last 35 minutes in my last game. It was nice to ping some balls.”

Morten Gamst Pedersen opened up on coming to terms with planning retirement, sitting down at the end of each season and works out if he’s still capable of playing.

He was given a boost after getting offers from a number of clubs, including some from abroad with one unnamed side wanting him to go for a trial, just to see if he could still play at his age.

Ranheim was the one for him though, especially when he knows what’s right for him, he went on: “I just said to my girlfriend, ‘This is what I want to do so I’m going’.”

Looking back on leaving Blackburn, he said: “I didn’t play but when I walked out at Ewood Park to say goodbye, I had a feeling of almost emptiness. The tears were flowing. It just felt… I don’t know. It’s hard to describe. When I knew I was going to leave Ewood Park, it was a horrible thing.

“I think those feelings will come again. I’m not looking forward to it but it just shows that you have been doing something you love, and something you sacrificed your whole life for.

“I think the moment when I retire is going to be a big day for me,” he says. “I’ll continue to play football after I finish professionally. I’ve done all my coaching badges. I will be involved in football, that’s for sure.

“A coach or manager or sports director or agent? I’m not sure yet. It will be something. Lots of clubs have asked me if I want to come and work for them the day I stop playing football. That means a lot.

“I cannot just walk away and just leave that game because it’s such a big, big part of me.”

This is what fans are saying as another Premier League ‘legend’ expresses interest in playing for Wrexham…

@CalumWilliams: He’s had his day

@danAndrews0: Guy is an absolute legend. Proper cult hero! Having someone like that in around the lads would be awesome. Similar to the Dave Jones effect and the screamer he scored against Solihull!!

@yetigoosecreat: This is getting silly now. No. No, there is no room for a 41 year old outfield player. We’re not a Sunday League team.

@BradleyStirton: @RMcElhenney @VancityReynolds this would be some coup, he’s a premier league legend and a baller the streets will never forget. Worth a punt.

@WishIwasinWales: Get in the queue, the bandwagon’s full

@PterodactylGodd: Always liked watching him play growing up, even as a Liverpool fan, would love to see him in England one last time!

@UpperGwladysBlu: There’s a difference between signing a very experienced goalie , a position where people are known to be able to play into their late 30s & very rarely early 40s, and random 40+yr old outfield players who weren’t that good in the first place.

@JordGriffXXIX: Do it just for 5 minutes. Streets never forget that man

@PE1864: Oh fuck off!!!!

@a_n_d_y_8_4: I didn’t realise Wrexham was there to get players one last payday. The difference with Ben Foster was that he’d played in the PL less than 12 months earlier, so it was a sensible move.

@menschedd: A while ago, I asked a couple of friends if they remembered this fella and they said no. I was taken aback because his shots were a thing to behold back in the days.

@ClarkyyJ: Baller

@RichWXM: Morten Gamst Pedersen was one hell of a player, but a move to Wrexham? Not for me

@ConnahsCronc: Foster an exception because he’s still good enough to contribute but definitely need to avoid gimmick signings. We might now never be left alone but we should be making stars, not signing old ones.

@mjtcamp: We need too see the left foot one more time

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