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Another female pundit comes under criticism by fans with Joey Barton also giving his views

Another female pundit comes under criticism by fans with Joey Barton also giving his views as footage was recorded of a mistake she made.

David Potts @davyp1 tweeted: “@Joey7Barton thoughts?? 😂😂😂😂 what is this hahaha”

He goes on: “She clearly there based on her knowledge of the game and her basic researching abilities nothing to do with her gender whatsoever 😬😬”

Izzy Christiansen can be heard saying in the clip: “Honestly, you look at the performance today and you’re like, they need to push the edges. But you also have to be a bit realistic. They’ve just lost three on the bounce and if they’d have lost today, that would have been four and that would have been, I think, their worst run since 19 something something. So I think with Fulham now, you need to build on that performance.

Joey Barton responded to the Twitter user: “The thing is Don. When you do these shows in the green room before they give you a ‘FACT’ pack. You don’t even have to do your own research. It’s just lazy. It’s time to put an end to it.”

Joey Barton retweeted it himself, saying: “How can we not call this out for what it is?

“Women who are under qualified, under prepared and over opinionated.

“It’s ruining the experience for millions of Football addicts.l, like myself. 👍🥷”

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The video has gone on to get over 2 million views and nearly a 1,000 likes, but has also led to quite the reaction on social media.

Another female pundit comes under criticism by fans with Joey Barton also giving his views, this is how Twitter users reacted to the video…

@mr_flobadobalob (replying to Joey Barton): Izzy Christiansen is actually a really good pundit. Yes some women pundits are not there on merit, but she’s not one of them. Every male pundit has said things far more ridiculous than just not knowing a date. You just hate women. Maybe focus on your gambling habit instead.

@KeeksUTD: These female pundits don’t help themselves do they 🤦🏼‍♂️ Atleast research before games so you know the information about the teams you’re talking about. Literally feeding @Joey7Barton

@BarryCFC123: Tbf I was watching it and when she was talking about how the inverted fullbacks weren’t helping Arsenal due to how they just congested the midfield it was more insightful analysis than I’ve ever seen some of the male pundits do, and the level of scrutiny these female pundits…

@TazkerV2: Eh? She forgot a date. So what? Her point was that it was more than 23 years ago since they had a run so bad. You don’t hold male pundits to the same level of forensic scrutiny, which only goes to further highlight that your stance comes from a place of misogynistic bias.

@AO1865: Michael Owen passionately talks about throwing an apple in a bin.
Chris Kamara forgot if there was an actual substitute in a game he’s watching.
Matt Le Tissier believes in Aliens.
Rio Ferdinand is apparently qualified to waffle over any game he feels fit.
Yet you’re taking issue with a woman not remembering an exact date?

@Gib11: It’s shocking but I’ve heard worse from Michael Owen who’s played at the highest level. Some people just aren’t meant for punditry. That goes for both males and females.

@tmkbanks: She literally forgot two numbers off a year and it made no difference to the wider point that she was making. People take issue with strange things don’t they 😂

@AdamSimmo73: She’s had a shocker, like many others but there are so many male pundits that are terrible too and @Joey7Barton doesn’t highlight these…… so it’s clear he has a “female” issue more than a “bad pundit” issue…… either way, he has issues

@isaacmoto99: If a bloke said this there’d be no issue, twitter full of misogynistic arseholes wanting approval off Joey Barton

@tmkbanks: She literally forgot two numbers off a year and it made no difference to the wider point that she was making. People take issue with strange things don’t they 😂

@Stum28: Still not as bad as listening to you umming and ahing your way through Piers Morgan interview

@JimmyJimmyWin: 19 something something was a good year to be fair

@buddyc00: Making redknapp look knowledgeable that is not an easy feat

@Drunk_Yido: Ah 19 something something, an excellent year for the Bordeaux wine region.

@biteyourlegs: Forgive me. I don’t watch the punditry anymore. This is symptomatic of why. Two questions
1. Who is she?
2. What is she talking about?

@ppwood77: Football isn’t what it was , think I stopped watching it in 20 something something.

@holder_leo: Nothing a male pundit wouldn’t say, male pundits make mistakes all the time you need to give it a rest this hatred is just weird

@LennonLynxy72: That’s where we are at, shambolic and horrendous. Anybody on the street could cover that subject better.

@LiamB3_: You could probably find 1000 examples of Paul Merson or Jamie Redknapp doing this, but oh no, ItS a WoMaN

@grantdunlop: Sorry not seeing what the issue is here? So she didn’t know the exact year. I don’t either but still got her point? The commentary point still stands.

@Charleyjamesx: If you’re more concerned about what a woman is saying about a game, over VAR, refereeing decisions and bias then you’re not doing this as a fan. You’re doing it for clout and to remain relevant. Which you haven’t been since everyone found out your brother is a racist murderer

@PakarelliPaks: What the fuck is wrong with you all? If you’d actually watched all her post match analysis you’d have realised she was insightful, concise, technically very on point and very detailed and researched & was great as usual.

@cmanuel118: I’m sorry but this is absolutely garbage punditry – Laura Woods and Bianca Westwood are brilliant but this is just rubbish

@DanLang12: The Rules are if you have 3 white people as pundits 2 have to be female. If you 3 male pundits 3 of them and the cameraman have to be not white 👀

@TazkerV2: Imagine if the famous Kammy incident where he didn’t know who got a penalty or for what reason, was a female pundit instead. She’d be absolutely slaughtered, but because Kammy did it, it’s become a legendary, comedic football moment. Unconscious bias is real.

@Hudson7uk: I’ve heard far worse from England/prem managers, everyone makes mistakes, you should know that better than most joey

@laazarini7: I do enjoy these takes… as if there aren’t loads of crap male pundits who talk absolute nonsense. Some of them can’t even pronounce the names of the players they’re supposedly ‘experts’ on. Apparently it’s only an issue if you don’t have a knob though 🤣

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