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Angus Kinnear talks to miffed off Leeds fans outside Elland Road after defeat to Fulham

Angus Kinnear talks to miffed off Leeds fans outside Elland Road after watching their side suffer a 3-2 defeat to Fulham.

The Leeds CEO believes Jesse Marsch can still do a “great job” at the club, despite falling into the relegation zone having suffered a fourth straight defeat against Fulham.

The Whites have picked up just two points from the last 24 available, and have suffered six defeats in their previous eight.

Kinnear answered a number of questions from a group of supporters outside of the stadium and although he admitted that results have not been satisfactory, he is still backing Marsch to turn things around.

“The results aren’t what we needed, everyone knows that,” Kinnear said. “We’re working behind the scenes to try and turn things around.

“Players are working hard, Jesse is working really hard, backroom staff are working really hard. We still think he can do a great job for us but the results aren’t what we’ve wanted.

“We will just keep working hard and focus on the next game and that’s the best thing we can do. The player’s are giving 100%, they’re devastated in there. It’s going to be tough, every game is tough in this league.”

Losing four consecutive games puts pressure on Marsch, given former manager Marcelo Bielsa was dismissed following the same run of form last season.

The Argentine – whose name was sung by the Leeds faithful in their 2-0 defeat to Leicester last week – having guided the club side back to the Premier League for the first time since 2004, going up as winners of the Championship in 2020.

talkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara thinks Leeds need to act fast to replace Marsch given their tough upcoming fixture list to avoid relegation back to the second tier.

“He’s got to go, they’re miles off it,” O’Hara said on Monday’s Breakfast show.

“I said at the start of the season Leeds would go down, then they started the season okay and I took a loud of heat from Leeds. I watch them and I think ‘they don’t score enough goals’. They’re still leaking goals.

“It’s alright running around, but you’ve got to have a bit of quality as well. For me I look at them and think there’s just not enough there with the manager.

“There’s not enough, and they can’t afford to go down Leeds because they’ve worked so hard to get back and it’s a brilliant football club. I just don’t think he’s good enough for them.”

O’Hara reckons on top of getting rid of Marsch, Leeds need to invest in a goalscorer to get them out of the drop zone and up the tabl, with main man Patrick Bamford not scoring since May 2021 prior to his string of injuries.

“It’s always been the same, he’s [Bamford] a good player, works hard and decent for your team, but he’s not a goalscorer. He needs too many chances,” he said.

“It’s like Ally McCoist playing up front!” he joked.

Leeds manager Jesse Marsch to Sky Sports after the game against Fulham: “We had a good start but we find ways to hurt ourselves and give up goals that we shouldn’t. You can see our confidence is not at it’s highest and it comes down to basics again.

“We didn’t defend well enough, we weren’t ready for those moments. It’s painful and we have to do better in those situations.

“I’m work tirelessly [for the players] to gain confidence, stay strong and keep pushing. We have to do better and I’m responsible for that.

“I’m here for the long term. I love this club, I’m investing everything I have to try to make us better.”

Leeds boss Jesse Marsch to BBC: “It’s disappointment, frustration. In the first half we started strong and got the lead. It felt like we’d take control of our moment and our season.

“Then from a moment where I don’t think we need to concede because it was not that complicated and we go in to the half 1-1. Then we were trying to push, the game was tight, and we were trying to find a way to control our fate but at the moment confidence is a little low, we miss a chance or two then we start feeling the pressure a but more. In every transition you start to see that we don’t believe in ourselves as much as we’d like.

“I have to take responsibility and find solutions to help this team stay strong, continue to move forward and find wins.

“We are unified here, from the board to the staff and the players. We are hurting, it’s painful. We feel we’re doing little things that aren’t getting a reward, but we are together.

“I understand that the fans are not happy. That ire should be directed at me and I’ve got to find ways to get us better and to get points. We let them down, I let them down, and I’ve got to find a way to help our team so that we reward them for their passion and love of this club. I’m focused on helping this team to get better and improve.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Angus Kinnear talks to miffed off Leeds fans outside Elland Road after defeat to Fulham…

@maycockjake1: Well as long as he tries who cares his one of the worst managers we ever had but bless him trying ….

@MattyHill83: He swerved the “Have you got faith in him” question

@lufc_rammy: Yeah wasn’t a vote of confidence was it

@MJ90113368: Knows he is being recorded, aint gonna say yeh Jesses a goner is he

@CJ_Randell: Why’s Angus out there talking to these people? He can’t win, he’s hardly going to come out and say things are fine, because clearly they aren’t, equally he’s not going to say things are shit and need throwing in the bin. He gives an on the fence answer which people hate.

@Leedzzlad: Well if everybody is giving 100% as I keep hearing, then the tactic must be wrong and whose in charge of that one tactic?

@WhinmoorWhite: If you’re walking in the wrong direction and everyone is telling you you’re walking in the wrong direction you don’t just say, ‘yes but we’re trying hard and working together and really upset we’re walking in the wrong direction’ then to just continue in the wrong direction. 🙄🙄

@PaulReynolds1: Well if everyone is giving 100% we are relegated, coz if we can’t win a game on 100% we have no more to give.

@DanCooney555: Hard work didn’t keep bielsa in a job

@adyleeds: Players are devastated ( until they see their wage slip ) 😂

@johnnydawson_10: Fair play having the balls to speak to fans

@parmadiggyd: Knew the camera was on him so was never going to say anything he shouldn’t

@AndrewFirth21: Kinnear is a yes man he doesn’t run the club and make the decisions

@PeacockedTiger: Ralph Rangnrick, who invented the style we play quickly found, last year, with better players than we have now this system didn’t work. He got binned. 4 2 2 2 doesn’t work in the EPL. don’t say we play 4231 because we don’t.

@DaveChurchward: Regardless if you like Jesse or not the squad isn’t good enough. Even an elite manager would struggle to get us performing with our team. We have the worst back 4 in the league, no other team would swap there defence with ours and we have a striker that can’t score

@reviesboys: Why is a member of the board in the car park taliking this shite we know the players and manager are giving 100% but that’s not in dispute what is a manager who can’t set the team up properly and many of the players just aren’t good enough #lufc

@JEDDGM: Yes we can’t fault the effort, players and manager really are doing their best, I genuinely believe that and it’s visible. The problem is that their best isn’t collectively good enough for the Premier League atm. Marsch is not sharp enough tactically which is the biggest problem.

@gudgeon_andy: Working hard is not enough, if your head’s down and travelling in the wrong direction. At the moment we’ve some good potential, but the first team has no strong backbone.

@Leedsfan207: “Working behind the scenes to put it right” how’s about sign a fucking striker then and a left back which should have been done in the summer! so put it right in January and sign proven players for them 2 positions that’s all we are asking, we want the team to show some fight

@James_Wightman9: Like it or not he’s faced up. How easy is it, and how many times have we seen it where owners, managers, players are nowhere to be seen when things turn bad. You might not believe him or wanna hear what he’s saying, but it takes balls to front up during our current shitshow.

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