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Angry Southend fans place banners on stadium gates as Stan Collymore slams chairman

Angry Southend fans place banners on stadium gates as former player Stan Collymore slams chairman Ron Martin after his statement on Friday.

The club are on the brink of being relegated from the EFL for the first time in their history, with supporters now frustrated.

Signs appeared at the ground urging Martin to hold talks with Collymore who has spoken about wanting to help the club.

Southend sit second from bottom in the League Two table after also being relegated from League One last season.

The club will be relegated if they fail to win when they host Leyton Orient on Saturday.

Angry Southend fans place banners on stadium gates (Credit: Echo News)


We are all distraught with the outcome of our season.

Maybe my faith and support of Mark Molesley, who is a good person, was misplaced and his position could have been terminated sooner. Mark was seen as a bright young manager and I hope he soon gets back, and succeeds, in management. However, it is worth remembering in choosing a manager that person is not always available at the time we may want them.

That was the case after Kevin Bond departed. At that time I met with Mick McCarthy who was still managing Republic of Ireland but knew this post would come to an end in the following Spring.

We met again when Mick’s management of RoI finished by which time we were relegated. Whilst I would have loved to work with Mick he, on reflection (quite rightly as it turned out), felt an opportunity would arise to manage a club in the Championship. Mick has since proved his credentials, the same credentials I feel is held by Phil Brown.

There is a lot of speculation on social media and in the press. As is sometimes the case in football the media that circulates is misinformed, often fabricated but then repeated enough is believed by the masses. Including that I was meeting/talking to Stan Collymore today. I never was.

Stan emailed me yesterday morning and my secretary replied, in my absence that afternoon, to advise I would contact Stan today. We have since telephoned and I shall call Stan next week out of courtesy to understand, fully, what he has to say.

For over 20 years I have willingly and steadfastly engaged with supporters, both individually and in Supporter Groups and together we have a great club. This has been a year of despair on the pitch but the future will be great again. I know people want someone to blame, that is human nature. My financial support is being maintained to get us back on track. A “club” is a group of people with a common aim and mine, like the fans, is success on the pitch.

We are all hurting right now, but together we can make a better future for the club and quickly.

In a statement sent to Echosport, Collymore said: “I’ve read Ron Martin’s statement and it is no surprise to me that he has embarked in a glowing tribute of his own stewardship of Southend United despite being in the worst position on and off the pitch that the club arguably has ever been in.

“The statement doesn’t even make sense regarding me as I posted an email on here (thank goodness I decided to go down the transparency route), which I then received a reply to yesterday ( enclosed), and a phone message today saying Ron was busy with meetings in London yesterday, likely the same Monday so could I chat with him Tuesday or Wednesday to which I confirmed either day.

“So which is it? It’s not true that we were due to talk today but in the next paragraph he says he was due to talk to me?

“Not only does this petiness fundemantally disrespect a genuine attempt to help him out of a mess of his and only his creating as the club is rudderless on and off the pitch but he essentially is calling me a liar despite showing my transparency to all of you in the last week.

“Ron Martin is no longer a fit nor proper owner of Southend United Football Club in my opinion and that a statement that fiddles a tune about his benefaction while Rome burns is a desperately worrying state of affairs.

“Should the amazing outpouring of support from supporters, employees and ex employees of the club hold firm with a mandate from all to effect change then as far as I’m concerned today is the day that Southend United is morally owned by its supporters with Ron Martin’s ownership being seen as hostile, unwilling or unable to change course.

“I call upon every Southend United supporters, wherever you are to now accept that change is needed or this 115 year old institution, literally built by fans for the benefit of fans will die.

“A tone deaf statement at a time when ears, hearts and minds needed desperately to be opened.

With angry Southend fans choosing place banners on stadium gates, users reacted…

@Pandamonium1881: It’s a strange one for my money. Martin has been around years and oversaw you guys into the second tier but in all that time he has had a season ticket to the high court, the ground situation has been a bit of a farce & now seemingly skint its relegation to non league

@acameron78: To summarise for anyone who doesn’t want to read it: It wasn’t my fault, I wanted Mick McCarthy. The guy we brought in turned out to be rubbish. I’m bankrolling the Club. Everything will be just fine.

@mattysufc: As if he couldn’t make anything worse. Why the hell is he talking about Mick McCarthy? Deluded, shameful this man is in sole charge of our club. Who thought this was a good idea to put this statement out? Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

@samgoody23: When we sacked Bond, a quick appointment was needed to give us any hope of remaining in League 1, and Ron was talking to Mick McCarthy, who he knew wouldn’t be available until March/April? Absolutely deluded

@SouthendUnited9: The first half of that statement is something that should have been said when MM was replaced but we got nothing. The second half looks more like excuses and waffle in my opinion. What was the point of this statement?

@TimHobden1: There was no need to mention MM at all. No humility. Embarrassing.

@alfie_andrewss: Just sell the club

@JohnLuckett1991: It’s the only option if we want a long term future for the club. Us as fans need to do everything we can. Starting tomorrow at the protest. Hope to see you there mate!

@Chairman_KOTP: Wait till we get back in Roots Hall. He has been extremely lucky that this all happened in a pandemic

@Michael67624119: I agree 100% he’s been very luck get out Ron before we return to to ground pitch invasion after every game just saying

@mark_foan: A4 of nothing again. Ron will never go till he builds on roots hall and fossets. The club are a necessary evil to him.

Angry Southend fans place banners on stadium gates (November 2020)

@Tempy_Town: what utter crap, this has been on the cards for 3 or 4 years, everybody could see it except Ron Deluded Martin

@mattysufc: This isn’t a joke, I’m genuinely getting the impression that Ron is mentally unwell.

@Ice_Speedway: On the basis that Ron had also stated that MM was not going anywhere despite having been flirting with Phil Brown for the 6 months prior, I expect a full statement tomorrow confirming that a consortium of Stan Collymore, Sheik Mansour and Alan Greenspan have taken control.

@therealdaddsy: I’m not sure what difference it makes what manager he wanted 2 years ago. I’m also not sure what credentials an International Manager who has managed at a World Cup, has with Phil Brown, who has managed in India.

@cshorty1972: I may be in a minority here, and I speak as a season ticket holder and as a shareholder in SUFC, but I have the utmost respect for Ron Martin. If it weren’t for him, our club would’ve folded years ago. Understand the economics and reality SUFC fans, please.

@DeanofWestcliff: You’re the death of this club and a charlatan. The sooner you are gone the quicker we can progress, you are holding the club back, everyone knows that.

@leeconnolly1: How would mick fucking McCarthy have done while under a transfer embargo and forced to play children for months….

@obsoffootball: Wow this guy is unbelievable. I actually think he believes what he says too which makes it even worse. He’s deluded.

@deanobaby89: Jog on Martin. You’re not wanted and you’ve taken this club into non league

@Neil_Harman57: As a man born and bred in Southend, reported on the club in the 70s and have dealt with chairmen at all levels including the PL, I can tell Mr Martin that his words simply ring very hollow. He needs to go now.

@Moorhouse79: Quite why Ron would put this self pitying ramble out is beyond me. But if he needs to try and claw some pride back ahead of speaking to Stan, he can have his moment.

@JamieGreen95: Loves a name drop doesn’t he?

@darrenball1978: Ron should go now before the fans return in August…. if he doesn’t I’d imagine the fans will force him out then. Go now Ron !! Ps the fans know where you live….

@scottycav13: I’m embarrassed to be associated with this club. This man is not my chairman he is a disgrace.

@DonsEssex: Spouts absolute fucking shite.

@antsk: Another statement that says nothing to do with the current issues at the club or how he’s going to sort them!

@cjblues2505: Someone please buy him out

@Lazyjam: Mad, that he continues to blame the managers that HE hires. The buck stops at the top Ron me old mate, it’s all your fucking fault!

@DanBasildonBlue: That was your last chance to keep the fans onside Ron. That was a massive middle finger to Stan and the supporters. It’s going to turn rotten now onward.

@onlydaniel1987: This only shows how out of touch Ron really is! All I hear is he can’t attract the people he wants to attract because we are shambles. Autumn 2019 you told us we would not be relegated from League 1 and here we are 18 months later preparing for Non League!

@Seymourc30: Never blames himself complete utter bellend

@djmikejolly: His worst statement yet. Would have been better to have posted a blank page such is the emptiness of the badly written words. It’s been three years “of despair” on the pitch, not one, and 22 years off it. The delusional ramblings of a dangerous monomaniac. He has to go.

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