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Angry Man City supporters plan to BOYCOTT Community Shield match against Arsenal

Angry Man City supporters plan to BOYCOTT the Community Shield match against Arsenal, with it taking place on the 6th of August.

The FA and ITV have been criticised for treating the fans as a ‘afterthought,’ when the FA decided to schedule the Wembley Stadium showpiece for a 5.30pm start.

City winning the Premier League as well as the FA Cup confirmed Arsenal as their opponent for the pre-season match. Organisers set a date a week after last year’s game which saw Liverpool defeat Man City 3-1 at the 30th July 2022, with the kick off time being 5pm.

The FA has decided that the match will kick off at 5.30pm on Sunday, 6 August. Pep Guardiola and his treble-winning team will face Mikel Arteta and the Gunners.

The 1894 supporters’ group was backed in its attempt to organise an boycott. They cited’significant travelling challenges’ for matchday enthusiasts who want to make the trip to London.

The Community Shield, played last year at Leicester’s King Power Stadium, was attended by 28,545 Liverpool fans and Man City fans.

The 1894 supporters group has called on City fans not to attend the match, but to donate the ticket proceeds instead to a local food bank instead.

In a message to the Cityzens fanbase, the statement read: ‘1894 urge you to join us in boycotting the Community Shield game against Arsenal on August 6th.

‘The 17:30 kick-off time presents significant travel challenges from Manchester, making it difficult for many loyal supporters to attend. It’s time match-going fans were treated as a priority rather than an afterthought.

‘By boycotting this fixture, we aim to send a strong message to the FA and ITV about the impact scheduling has on fans. Our collective absence from the stadium will demonstrate our discontent and advocate for fairer game times in the future.

‘We understand the love and dedication you have for City, but we believe that our collective action will bring about positive change.

‘We ask fans, who are in a position to do so, to make either a £10 donation, or the equivalent cost of a match ticket, to MCFC Foodbank or another local charity.’

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as angry Man City supporters plan to BOYCOTT the Community Shield match against Arsenal…

@cityfourever: Charming 5.30pm on a Sunday FFS Not many trains back after the game

@mychunkyone: Bit late now to be complaining. Seeing as you don’t seem 2 worry about nation states owning football clubs, and the inevitable inflation within football that comes with that as an acceptable model.

@chro06: Some of them boycott most home games, so won’t be a problem

@mancitycollect: 17:30 kick off stops me and my lad being there. Shame really. Fans thrown to a side again.

@ManCity you should be lobbying against this. Playing a friendly
1) in London
2) at an expensive venue
3) on a Sunday evening affecting travel
4) just before the Euro Super Cup
is a travesty

@gwhewell0704: Sunday 17:30 ko thanks! So finishes at 19:30 with 5-6hr drive home and criticism because we won’t sell out ffs Arsenal a 1 hr tube ride, home by 9 👏👏👏👏

@janectid66: are they kidding with that time? for a friendly on a sunday. Arsenal fans about 20 mins from home and city fans about 20 hours with our brilliant transport system. what are the organisers even thinking. not thinking of match going fans. as usual.

@geoffgerrard: Brilliant idea and deserves full support 💙

@GoonerGirl1969: I love that you’re asking for donations to the food bank. 💙❤️ I agree. Absolutely disgusting time to have a charity shield for anyone outside of London. You have my support on that.

@kevbmcfc: 5.30 on a Sunday!!!! Absolute piss take.

@MWeaver72139842: Convince the club to play a home friendly the day before with all gate receipts to local charities . Send the kids to Wembley for a day out . We can just make it 116 charges instead of 115

@OSCAlkrington: Absolute piss take. Yet again no thought for supporters travelling from anywhere except London. I’d be delighted if City fans show 2 fingers to the @FootballAssoc & boycott the game! What do you have to say @WeAreTheFSA

@MCFC_1993: Absolute joke! No consideration for city fans. It’s okay for arsenal they can get home in no time. Took me 2 hours to get out of the coach park for the final, 12 hour return journey from Manchester. Not doing that on a Sunday for a 530 kick off

@BlueAmyLou: @FA taking the piss again

@MichaelLofthou5: What bit do the FA not understand about northern clubs playing at Wembley on a Sunday 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

@mcfcsince1894: I sincerely hope you will vigorously contest this time and date for kick off it is NOT on – trains are a joke, and cost is prohibitive – most Blues will be working Monday morning – C’mon City step up and flex your muscles, we’ve done the hard miles for you, time to do it for us

@_jw1894: Jesus Christ that’s horrific, be surprised if we take 3 blocks up

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