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Anger as Tom Cairney is spotted making an illegal act on his way to training

There has been anger as Tom Cairney is spotted making an illegal act on the streets of Surrey, and not for the first time.

The Cottagers’ Tom Cairney has been ‘repeatedly’ parking in a disabled bay with his £220k Lamborghini leaving locals infuriated by using his yellow 4×4 supercar illegally on his way to training.

The 29-year-old footballer is reportedly known to stop in that particular space so that he can nip into the Costa Coffee at Esher in Surrey for a takeaway drink.

The slot is clearly marked for use by disabled badge holders only in case they found it difficult or need assistance to get into nearby shops.

One resident said: “It’s infuriating these super-rich footballers think they can live to different rules than the rest of us.

“Footballers such as Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling are doing so much charity work these days and have helped to change the public’s view of Premier League footballers.

“But the behaviour of those like Cairney risks undoing all that goodwill.”

The two cap Scotland international was pictured in a black tracksuit top and joggers last Monday emerging from his 190mph motor — which is known for going from 0 to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Cairney, who earns around £30,000 a week, chose to leave the five-door yellow Lamborghini Urus 4.0 V8 in the disabled bay as he walked across the road to the nearby Costa.

He then emerged a few minutes later with a cup in hand, without a care whether someone much more vulnerable needed it at the many times he goes into Costa.

Locals claimed it was not the first time he had parked illegally on the way into Fulham’s training ground, which is nearby in New Malden, South West London.

A source added: “The bloke drives a bright yellow motor and clearly wants to be seen in it.”

Cairney was born in Nottingham and then launched his professional career at Hull City and also played for Blackburn before transferring to Fulham in 2015 for a fee of around £3million.

Fulham currently sit 17th in the Premier League table, they certainly will want to avoid becoming a yo-yo club.

In 2018, he announced he was becoming a dad for the first time with his model partner Abbie Richards.

Fulham have declined to comment on the actions of their player.


Youth career
1998–2007 – Leeds United
2007–2009 – Hull City

Senior career
2009–2014 – Hull City – 70 games (2 goals)
2013–2014 → Blackburn Rovers (loan) – 23 games (1 goal)
2014–2015 – Blackburn Rovers – 53 games (7 goals)
2015– Fulham – 193 games (35 goals)

National team
2009 Scotland U19 – 2 games (0 goals)
2010–2012 Scotland U21 – 6 games (1 goal)
2017– Scotland – 2 games (0 goals)

Fans reacted, some in anger, as they discover seeing that Tom Cairney spotted making an illegal act with his £220k Lamborghini…

Brummie Bob: Would you expect anything else from a footballer! Anyway if he plays for Fulham he’s bound to be disabled!

Aneta: I hate when people do it. Last Friday I saw similar situation at Sainsbury’s. 2 young girls in her 20′ full make up parked at disabled bay. Some older man in his 80′ asked them to remove the car. They started arguing with him with. Couldn’t stand it any more, when they told him “WHY”, I replied- you are not disabled, have some respect. They shut up and drove away. I felt sorry for this man, parents didn’t even teach them respect elderly either.

Jon Doe: what do you expect these kinda people the im better than you sportman types are allways doing stuff like this they never get dealt with so think its there right to do these things.

Peepers: Fulham should have a polite word in his ear, then fine him a weeks wages each time it is reported to them that he has parked in the disabled bay whilst getting his coffee. It’ll be the most expensive coffee he’s ever bought! He may get the message that because he’s a PL player this season as with their current performance he won’t be next season, he’s not entitled as he thinks he is to mean he is breaching the highway code & law. If he’s doing there, you can guarantee that he does it elsewhere too! You can just see his contempt at being caught & photographed.

Ian Whitehouse: Maybe with a pulled muscle, he thinks as a footballer that gives him the right.

Diane: Fulham should fine him a weeks wages for bringing the club into disrepute

Percy: Hardly surprising. Low IQ meets lots of money.

Stuart: He’s disabled. His disability is an inability to read the same street signs that others have no problem reading.

DJM: Come on he plays for Fulham so he’s allowed to park in disable bays

G: A fine should be half a persons weekly wage no matter who you are.

Emma: I honestly have no idea why people bother watching football these days. These footballers on the whole are the dregs of society just with money in their pocket. Sleeping with prostitutes during lockdown, smashing up cars drink-driving, parking in disabled bays just like George Osborne did. You would be much better off taking your kids to the rugby, at least those guys have a lot more about them than these footballing prima donnas.

Fat lad at the back: One day he may realise why people need these spots, unfortunately his only disability right now is in his moral compass.

Mr Chumleigh-Walter: What is it with these premier league footballers and celebs like the Beckhams? They seem to think the laws of the road don’t apply to them.

Incognito: Needs someone with a disabled badge to block him him and leave him there

Jason: Tom Cairney is spotted making an illegal act, what a prat haha, hope he gets fined

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