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Andros Townsend investigated by police after he allegedly smashes his car through roadworks

Andros Townsend is being investigated by police after he allegedly smashes his car through roadworks whilst screaming in a rage.

The Everton footballer is said to have shouted “I need to get to my f*****g house”, hitting a manned tarmac spreader after being told he wasn’t allowed to drive to his property because the street was being resurfaced at the time.

Townsend has been accused of refusing to be patient, going against not to parking his white Range Rover worth around £80,000 and walk less than five minutes to his Liverpool based property.

Photo Credit: @mpeverton1980 on Twitter

Staff at paving firm Sefton are said to have been left shaken and in shock by the ordeal.

The police were called after the 31 year old’s vehicle broke a barrier, stuck an eight-wheel asphalt machine on the 5th of December, with officers later arriving at his house.

Sources said he could ended up being issued with a charge for dangerous driving as officers go on the hunt for footage. Investigations into the incident go on.

This is said to have come just days after his return to England, having been part of ITV’s team of pundits for the start of the World Cup out in Qatar.

A source told The Sun on the incident: “No one could believe their eyes. Andros, who was calmly commentating on our screens days earlier, was in a rage. The red mist descended.

“Contractors were tarmacking the road less than five minutes from his property. It was unfortunate timing when he pulled up at a road barrier. The tarmac was piping hot and being laid in front of him.

“It was impossible to drive a vehicle over the road. The workmen explained he could wait or park up and complete the short journey to his house on foot.

“But Andros wasn’t having that. He screamed, ‘I need to get to my f*****g house’. And with that he knocked over the barrier, stopping traffic, and drove down the side of the pavement in a bid to dodge the roadworks.

“But he was travelling at speed and his car hit a tarmac spreader. It was being driven by a worker, who was left in total shock.”

Police say there were no reports of any injuries, adding: “The driver of the car has been identified and has been spoken to and inquiries are ongoing.”

In 2015, a report emerged, saying that the then-Newcastle player was at the centre of a police investigation after he was involved in a car accident.

Officers are investigating a collision involving a white Range Rover believed to be driven by the footballer in Newcastle.

Witnesses said the Range Rover was driving along the A1056 at around 9:15am, not too far away from Newcastle’s training ground, when the accident happened.

One teacher, who was driving to work along the A1056 on that day, said: “The cars involved pulled over on Sandy Lane and they seemed to swap details.

“I made the point of pulling over too just so the other drivers knew I would be willing to be a witness to what happened. That’s when we realised it was Andros Townsend.”

The Premier League star was later seen getting into a White Range Rover at the Club’s Benton training ground.

“At 10.22am on Thursday, police received a report of a collision involving a Range Rover and a Vauxhall Corsa in Sandy Lane, Newcastle.

“The drivers are not believed to have suffered any injuries and only minor damage was caused to both cars.

“Enquiries into the collision are on-going.”

And back in 2013, Andros Townsend’s £100k Porsche was pictured looking mangled after a rush-hour crash.

The right wing of the white 911 Turbo was completely damaged, the metal and wires badly affected, and the passenger side airbag could be seen inflated – revealing just how powerful the force of the impact was.

Witnesses said he had to swerved to avoid an accident in front of him — but instead went straight into an Alfa Romeo Mito in north-west London.

The then-driver of the Alfa, a 21-year-old woman, had to be cut free by firefighters, with an unhurt Andros calling emergency services after the crash.

Townsend sadly lost his older brother Kurtis, who died in a car crash when the player was just 10.

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Credit: Mirror

This is what social media users said with Andros Townsend reportedly investigated by police after he allegedly smashes his car through roadworks…

@b68baggie: What a div there are cones there for a reason to keep workers safe i hope he gets his licence taken off him

@efc_buggi: Get rid of the useless cvnt

@DeaneeBoi: They’ve obviously never seen this guy hit a worldy from 25 yards and resurrect his hairline. Nothing stands in his way

@3andcaptain: what happened to respecting laws andros mate?

@burgeeboy10: Another “pundit” Talksport need to replace then after Trevor Sinclair!

@mickikongstad: From bangers against City to banging through roadworks

@James_Briddon: 1 normal day of Everton please

@SBMM_425: What if he had to poop really bad

@1878_L_EFC: Another day at Everton

@seancoconut: WTF did I just read? 😂 Anyway, typical footballers thinking they are above the law!

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