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Andorra v England could be postponed as huge fire breaks out at stadium

Andorra v England could be postponed as a huge fire breaks out at the hosts’ stadium and damages the plastic pitch they play on.

The World Cup qualifier is in doubt after the stadium caught fire on Friday afternoon with a Sky Sports reporter at the scene as it happened.

The blaze is believed to have started when sparks from welders constructing a gantry for TV coverage led to the whole temporary structure being engulfed in flames.

The fire then spread to the home dugout and artificial turf at the side of the pitch however luckily didn’t engulf the playing surface.

A blaze broke out at Andorra's stadium on Friday afternoon

There was, however, fire debris on the plastic pitch and a small amount has been damaged by the extreme heat which needs to be assessed.

Part of the home dugout also ended up being melted away, while the VAR screen was completely destroyed, being seen in the raging inferno.

Clouds of dark smoke billowed into the air with a mountain backdrop surrounded a block of flats overlooking the 3,000-seater stadium.

Firefighters soon arrived and extinguished the fire by 16:17 local time with an investigation launched.

Officials will need to assess the damage and the risk to players and fans before they can give Gareth Southgate’s side the all clear.

It’s not believed anyone has been injured at this moment in time.

The blaze happened just hours after England trained on the pitch and shortly after Southgate and Kieran Trippier completed their media duties.

Sky Sports presenter Rob Dorsett, standing on the other side of the pitch, was giving a live update on England’s squad and their plans when the fire broke out.

Dorsett calmly said as the blaze started: “Really worrying scenes and worrying times here.”

He later added: “There was a very intense heat on that side of the stadium and I could see, as we left the stadium, that it had damaged the pitch.

“Only I would suggest a foot inside the touchline over there, but nevertheless damage to the pitch which will have to be assessed by officials before they decide whether it is safe and appropriate to play on that area.

Huge flames engulfed the TV gantry and dugout

“But perhaps the most important fact to report is that I understand no one was injured as a result of that fire.

“Nobody inside the stadium and nobody in the residential buildings above and behind it.

“Now it’s just the practical damage and the implications for tomorrow’s game which have to be addressed.”

Andorra v England could be postponed as a huge fire breaks out at the stadium, see how Twitter reacted below…

@Jackruddd12: No way is that a football stadium

@Dlgmason93: Those who are surprised it’s a stadium. Go watch non league. Also Andorra is roughly 4 times smaller than London. Actually a nice little ground.

@briangleeso: “Your gantry’s on Fire… everyone is terrified! Your gantry’s on Fire… everyone is terrified! Your gantry’s on Fire….. NAHNANNAHNANAHNAHNA” 🔥

@joel_biostat: less speaking and more running towards the exits you fucking weapons

@will_moriarty: Will Grigg made the team?

@thepowerofshe: It was pointed out to him? How the flipping hell did he not notice that. 😂

@GURNZY82: “And the referee is having to go over to the monitor to check VAR for the incident”

@ScottWyllie2: That’s one way to get out of a pumping.

@crankster195: just give us a 0-3 win and lets go back to the premier league this weekend…

@GavLeeWilkinson: They heard Sam Matterface and Lee Dixon were due there tomorrow and couldn’t bear to listen to them…

@philiams14: Wait for the ‘firefighter who put out the flames earlier this week, starts at full back for Andorra’ headline

@Xander_R: Every England trip we do, there’s a running joke where we say ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ Don’t think this has ever come up even during our absurd conversations.

@ENGkemish94: Aways days are nothing with a bit of drama. #FollowEnglandAway

@NeilRands: Literally drive into Andorra and past this. Not looking good. Anyone got a spare ground? #EnglandAway

@ronnocecurb: Linekar’s plans to stop England playing minnows in qualifying has gone too far this time

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