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Altrincham fans goad Wrexham by invading pitch celebrating surprise FA Trophy victory

Altrincham fans goad Wrexham by invading the pitch celebrating their surprise FA Trophy victory which ended with a penalty shootout.

Altrincham started brightly, taking just 10 minutes to break the deadlock, and did not relent. Chris Conn-Clarke struck the crossbar just outside the area, with Lewis Baines converting it.

Baines almost doubled the lead, however Marcus Dinanga was adjudged to ad touched the ball on the gol line and therefore was disallowed for offside.

Rob Lainton produced a good save, sending Hulme’s header onto the bar. Reece Hall Johnson also made a crucial block to prevent Toby Mullarkey from netting.

Wrexham got their first attempt at goal when Sam Dalby played in David Jones, but Ollie Byrne made a good save.

Then Jake Bickerstaff scored twice in three minutes to see Wrexham come from behind to lead at the break!

Both sides continued to have chances at goal throughout the second half, some wasted and others comfortably saved by the keepers.

Altrincham, however, equalised in the 89th minute, Wrexham failing to clear their lines, with substitute Zak Goodson sending the game to spot kicks.

Toby Mullarkey scored the winning spot kick (4-3) that saw Alty advance through to the Fifth Round.

Altrincham (4-3-3):
Byrne; Mullarkey, James Jones, Baines, Eddy Jones; Lundstram, Conn-Clarke, Marriott; Hulme (Pringle 67), Dinanga (Jennings 75), Kaja (Goodson 58). Subs not used: Osborne, Gould, Jordan.

Wrexham (5-3-2):
Lainton; Hall-Johnson, Cleworth, Butler (James 85), Lennon, McAlinden; James Jones, David Jones (Austin 78), Cannon; Bickerstaff, Dalby. Subs: Calderbank-Park, Cushion, Dan Davies, Dan Jones, Milner.

Attendance: 2,526 (985 from Wrexham), as per The Leader.

Here’s how social media users reacted as some Altrincham fans goad Wrexham by invading the pitch celebrating a surprise FA Trophy victory…

@phillwxmwire: Let’s see how many of them are running on the pitch come 4th Feb, for the league game!

@Nwrighty18: Literally just a bunch of Kids.

@bekhowell41: Alty deserved the win but the pitch invasion was questionable 🙈

@_LiamRoberts: Wonder if they’ll do this in the league fixture 🤔

@GlapwellGladia1: The transformation of Wrexham fans has been some watch. Gone from hardly any fans at all to salty cunts who think they are bigger than non league, all it took was 2 Hollywood actors and afew million quid 👀😂

@KJReik: Fair play to the kids on the pitch. Wrexham pretending they’re too big for the trophy is more embarrassing.

@mathew1864: This is so great. Heart warming in a strange way.

@JayBex8391: Oh good lord 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@AllsportJoe: Tbh it’s just kids having a laugh. Harmless fun. Bigger problems in football than this

@iwan_sanger: Altrincham beat a second string wxm side who gave 3 lads a debut and played our 40 year old first team coach in centre mid 😂

@spuderz92: Most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in the FA Trophy and I’ve seen us lose to North Ferriby at Wembley

@WxMMorgan: A pitch invasion for beating our reserves in the fourth round of the FA Trophy 🤣🤣 Embarrassing.

@ellisrhysking: Netflix threw some Welsh subtitles on one of Ryan Reynolds’ box office flops and people lost their minds – no need to throw shade on youngsters supporting non-league and celebrating a big cup win tbh

@WrexhamAFC4: The most embarrassing thing I’ve seen 😂. Literally started a 40 year old reserve team coach and they think they’ve beat Brazil

@gillesofftheweb: What is the charge? Celebrating a win? A succulent shoot-out win?

@countyscarf: Even if you’ve just beaten Argentina 12-0, you should never ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER invade the pitch after winning an FA Trophy 4th round game.

@sambingham2708: Wow. That’s got to be the worst thing I’ve ever seen. To make it worse, in the FA trophy. Which none of the promotion chasing sides want to be in. Hence Chesterfield and Wrexham’s teams.. Embarrassing!

@JoelPage_11: Seen untold embarrassing things since we’ve been at this level but, regardless of it being mainly kids, pitch invading after scraping past a fellow National League club’s second string in the FA Trophy no less has set a new bar unlikely to ever be topped.

@TheDB30: Could understand it if it was the semi final, or even in the FA Cup to set up a big tie in the next round but for the 4th round when they’ve still got to win another 3 games before the final? Nah…

@RyanThompson__3: Don’t blame them the bigger club won

@antagony62: I think it’s great that it gets this reaction shows how quickly we are moving And we’re not even out of the national League. It used to be us that would do this 👍

@BRhodes1669: Like a school play ground just before the bell

@cfcbroom: What’s the problem here? Altrincham are a fraction the size in both finance and population to Wrexham. They will never be a league club and this is realistically the only trophy they can win. Let them fucking celebrate

@neeelyweeely: The transformation of Wrexham fans into arrogant wankers with no self-awareness is complete. Stay classy “underdogs”

@AntDuffy: Rattled by Altrincham.

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