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All English clubs withdraw from European Super League with competition set to be scrapped

All English clubs withdraw from the European Super League with the competition set to be scrapped according to reports late on Tuesday night.

Manchester City were the first club to formally pull out after Chelsea had signalled their intent to do so by preparing documentation to withdraw.

The other four Premier League sides – Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham – have all now followed suit after the 12-team Super League was announced on Sunday to widespread condemnation.

Liverpool’s statement: Liverpool Football Club can confirm that our involvement in proposed plans to form a European Super League has been discontinued.

In recent days, the club has received representations from various key stakeholders, both internally and externally, and we would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.

Tottenham’s statement: We can confirm that we have formally commenced procedures to withdraw from the group developing proposals for a European Super League (ESL).

Chairman Daniel Levy said: “We regret the anxiety and upset caused by the ESL proposal. We felt it was important that our club participated in the development of a possible new structure that sought to better ensure financial fair play and financial sustainability whilst delivering significantly increased support for the wider football pyramid.

“We believe that we should never stand still and that the sport should constantly review competitions and governance to ensure the game we all love continues to evolve and excite fans around the world.

“We should like to thank all those supporters who presented their considered opinions.”

Arsenal statement: The last few days have shown us yet again the depth of feeling our supporters around the world have for this great club and the game we love.

We needed no reminding of this but the response from supporters in recent days has given us time for further reflection and deep thought.

It was never our intention to cause such distress, however when the invitation to join the Super League came, while knowing there were no guarantees, we did not want to be left behind to ensure we protected Arsenal and its future.

As a result of listening to you and the wider football community over recent days we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.

We know it will take time to restore your faith in what we are trying to achieve here at Arsenal but let us be clear that the decision to be part of the Super League was driven by our desire to protect Arsenal, the club you love, and to support the game you love through greater solidarity and financial stability.

Stability is essential for the game to prosper and we will continue to strive to bring the security the game needs to move forward.

The system needs to be fixed. We must work together to find solutions which protect the future of the game and harness the extraordinary power football has to get us on the edge of our seats.

Finally, we know this has been hugely unsettling at the end of what has been an incredibly difficult year for us all.

Our aim is always to make the right decisions for this great football club, to protect it for the future and to take us forward. We didn’t make the right decision here, which we fully accept.

We have heard you.

The Arsenal Board

Fans reacted as all English clubs withdraw from the European Super League with the competition set to be scrapped…

@LiamNUFC98: Hope you get kicked out of the Premier League and end up in the National League same with the Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool

@Billie_T: don’t tweet again until levys gone you slags

@TotallyMUFC: Listened to fans? You signed it without even asking fans you greedy twts. All top 6 clubs owners need dragged out the clubs, kicking and screaming if possible.

@ShyretiringGent: Thank goodness for that. Perhaps Mr Levy will now do the decent thing and resign as chairman. His position is now untenable.

@spurs_sparrow: His ego simply won’t let him admit it was a monumental mistake, still trying to argue it was a good idea despite the backlash . Same ego that led to mis-managing a stadium build, leaving too many important decisions to transfer deadline day and managerial mistakes. Go now please

@Grubsweatcheers: Well wasn’t that just a fucking ride nobody wanted.

@Trevorlloyd92: NOW FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR CLUB!!! #LevyOut #ENICOut

@fkhanage: “We made a mistake.” Are you having a laugh. This was a calculated exit strategy and it’s been executed abysmally. You have ruined our reputation, distanced yourselves further from your fans and this will never be forgotten. Kroenke, times up, pal. We coming.

@darrentimmsgolf: Only one of the press releases which apologises and has some class to it.

@TheAnfieldTalk: #FSGOut

@dylxnzi: no apology whatsoever #fsgout

@thisisanfield: At least Arsenal’s owners bothered to apologise and write more than two sentences. Absolutely pathetic from @John_W_Henry

@AFC_Adam7: Football has fucking won. Have that you money grabbing bastards #KronkeOut

@MrDtAFC: Love Arsenal, hate Kroenke, we won’t stop until he’s gone!!!

@arseblog: Glad we’re out. Glad they have apologised. Not buying the ‘This invite was too enticing’ nonsense, like KSE weren’t a major part of this and were somehow an innocent party to this shambles. Too much damage done for that. But it’s done, and that, at least, is good. #kroenkeout

@Swanny_76: Good to see common sense has prevailed, however this poses serious questions over the way in which the club is being run, we need football people running this club, #kroenke has let the @Arsenal fans down too many times, it’s time for him to sell up & move on #KroenkeOut

@1burnm: Oooh! You and your little mistakes! I nearly borrowed 4 billion Pounds off JP Morgan and formed a European Super league last week. Can happen to anyone. Let’s forget it eh.

@EduardoHagn: You have tarnished the image of this club. That’s unforgivable. No apology will erase what you have done. It will take years for people to forgive you… and I think many never will.

@bhavss14: Thank you for the apology, but the job is not done yet.

@TrevzinoAFC: The jobs not done time to get Kronke out of the club I’ll be at the protest on Friday at 6pm let’s do this! #AFC #KroenkeOut

@aboutceltic: It wasn’t a mistake, it was a calculated decision driven by greed & money.

@SamueILFC: Well done now sell up and leave our club for good FSG. Just realised they didn’t even apologise to the fans for this. Scumbags

@LouiseLacy: Is that it? Two small paragraphs. Is that all we are worth to FSG?

@FinKitch: This doesn’t look like an apology to me

@thespursweb: You’ve ruined the relationship between the fans. Step to far. Time to go

@AnfieldRd96: Football is nothing without fans #FSGOUT

@TurkishLDN: Apology not accepted. Hollow words, evil minds. Sell the club and go!#KroenkeOut #SellArsenal

@JonoBeardsmore: What a lifeless statement…no apology, no real acknowledgement of wrong doing, not a single comment from anyone of authority. Embarrassed to be an LFC fan.

@jcoffey1994: Levy and that coffin dodger Joe Lewis can now fuck off too

@OzilThings: Job’s not finished. #KroenkeOut

@benkeat5: What the fuck is that statement you clowns

@EarlJLourenco: What an embarrassment! Absolutely disgraceful! #fsgout

@CenkCOYS: I won’t forget. Joe Lewis, Daniel Levy, get OUT of my club. You risked the heritage an culture of an 139 year institution for a little bit of cash. This won’t be swept under the carpet this time #ENICOUT

@StephenTries: fucking hell, can you reimburse me for the Tranmere kit i had to buy last night please?

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