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Aldershot fans ‘storm’ pub and Swindon fans clash with each other during 7-4 defeat

Aldershot fans took to ‘storm’ a pub and it got heated in the stands as Swindon fans decided to clash with each other during the 7-4 defeat.

A number of videos have surfaced on social media, showing trouble inside and outside the ground for the FA Cup First Round tie which played out to quite the thriller.

The first clip that has done the rounds online, was the trouble that broke out at a pub, with a number of officers seen struggling to diffuse the situation.

Another clip, uploaded to a Swindon Town Facebook group, with it claimed that fans were calling Charlie Austin shit, leading to a disagreement amongst fans.

Others online say that Austin was seen ‘sticking his middle finger up at the town end when 7-0 or 7-1 down and then shushing when he sky’s one of his shots.’

The latter of course also being mocked by Aldershot, with their in game commentary tweeting about the moment, and it has since gone on to get over 5,000 likes.

The club tweeted: “87′ | Charlie Austin with an effort on goal that clears the stadium. 🔴 2-7 ⚪️#TheShots❤️💙”

As mentioned, National League Aldershot stun League Two Swindon Town with a 7-4 victory.

Jack Barham netted in opening minute for the Shots before going on to complete a hat-trick as they became the first-ever non-league side to score seven goals against a Football League team in the competition.

From 7-0 down, Swindon got themselves four late goals, Dan Kemp netted twice with two great strikes from the edge of the area.

Then Charlie Austin headed in two stoppage-time goals for the hosts, but were still on the end of the embarrassing record-breaking defeat.

1′ – Swindon 0-1 Aldershot – Jack Barham 
4′ – Swindon 0-2 Aldershot – Jack Barham 
9′ – Swindon 0-3 Aldershot – Joshua Stokes
45+3′ – Swindon 0-4 Aldershot – Lorent Tolaj 
47′ – Swindon 0-5 Aldershot – Cian Harries 
51′ – Swindon 0-6 Aldershot – Lorent Tolaj
58′ – Swindon 0-7 Aldershot – Jack Barham
75′ – Swindon 1-7 Aldershot – Daniel Kemp 
78′ – Swindon 2-7 Aldershot – Daniel Kemp
90+2′ – Swindon 3-7 Aldershot – Charlie Austin 
90+5′ – Swindon 4-7 Aldershot – Charlie Austin

Robins boss Michael Flynn, who has just been handed a new contract until the end of the 2025/26 season, said, as per Swindon Advertiser: “I didn’t see that coming, we have given away some sloppy goals this season and some bad positions, but nothing like that.

“I think that there are two players who can hold their heads up. Just. The others were nowhere near good enough.

“No one wants to take some responsibility, everybody is looking at someone else and I need some characters in to change that, and I will be doing it.

“We are light on the ground but that is no excuse for what happened there because that had nothing to do with the players that are missing.

“Those players out there were predominantly the ones who went on a nine-game unbeaten run at the start of the season.

“[They can feel comfortable in their places], that’s fine because if they want to keep turning performances in like that, they can be as comfortable as they like for the next eight weeks, as soon as I am able to get some more players in and some more competition then they can be comfortable next to me.

“They should be embarrassed because I am. I am embarrassed and I am hurting, so let’s see how much it hurts them.

“It is in my top three [most painful days as a manager] and in the other two I lost in the play-off final at Wembley.

“I am hurt, I am embarrassed, I could sit here and talk all night about what is going through my mind, but the bottom line is that that was unacceptable.

“Aldershot have come here and they have given their all, they have worked as a team, they have outworked us, outfought us, outplayed us at times, and we looked like a team that has never played together before.

“That is inexcusable, you can do whatever you want on the training pitch, but when you cross that white line and give away those goals.

“The ball was out of play for two and a half minutes, so we gave away three goals in six minutes to a team who are in non-league, and that is not being disrespectful, that is where they are. And then it got worse.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing Aldershot fans ‘storm’ a pub and Swindon fans clash with each other during the 7-4 defeat…

@sunnyboy12345: The Swindon Branch not having a good day. ⚽️🍻🤣

🎶 Swindon get battered everywhere they go
Swindon get battered everywhere they go
Everywhere they go 🎶

@Levibrown110: State of these men

@96Swinger: What a brilliant day for Aldershot fans

@HEvzWhu: That’s entertainment playing on the speaker makes it seem like a film 🤣

@TheFMHatter1986: Beat them in the pub and thrashed them on the pitch been a good day for Aldershot

@1985Pete: Proper had their pants pulled down on the pitch and off it

@leQPR23: Proper embarrassing day for Swindon 🤣👍

@daleoufc89: Battered on and off the pitch

@bulldoggeorge04: How’s the bald bloke throwing a couple of sneaky uppercuts then retreating to the bar too offer a bit of encouragement for the next bloke in the fukn wombat

@LDA74: Can someone come and collect grandpa? 🙄

@ray_gritt: Magic of the FA Cup

@ChudleyJamie: Battered on and off the pitch 👀

@jcRFC_: The “we hate Reading more than you” Derby

@CrossyBert: Fuckin state of that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@mhendy1971: Swindon get battered everywhere they go 🤣

@Adam_PVFC: 🤣 Aldershot taking the piss both on and off the pitch

@BradyWFC93: Swindon taking 2 L’s today 😂😂

@nickhughes1231: Up the shots

@WolvesBuka: Bald bloke backed straight out lmaoooooo

@BobDevineCSM: Not fans…..thugs🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@Dom_langley15: Swindon really do get battered everywhere they go 😂😂😭

@RobMacdonald50: Grandad fight! 🤣🤣

@LFC7610: Guy with the flat cap at 0.34 bouncing around but actually doing fuck all, in true football factory style 😂😂 State of these clowns

@_LeeCav_: Need to come together this year and fight the common enemy. These’s dirty protests taking over our streets!

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