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Alan Sugar faces big backlash for posting tweet on women commentators at Euro 2022

Alan Sugar faces big backlash for posting what has been deemed a controversial tweet on women commentators at Euro 2022.

The Apprentice host was immediately shot down after he criticised the lack of male commentators on the Women’s Euros which is being held across England.

On Saturday, Portugal played out a 2-2 with Switzerland, and as the Netherlands were taking on Sweden in the evening live on the BBC, Alan Sugar, who has 5.2million followers on Twitter, posted: “I am watching the women football and notice that ALL the commentators are women. I also note when mens football is on there is a symobilic (sic) female comentator to cover the broadcasters a***.

“Should I complain there should me a male commentator in women’s football?”

Alan Sugar’s views were immediately shot down with BBC broadcaster Gabby Logan replying: “We have plenty of men working on this tournament Lord Sugar, don’t fret you’re not being eradicated.”

A number of users pointed out that Jonathan Pearce was among the male commentators who had been involved in the tournament, while one post saying: “Aahh yes a straight white male complaining of lack of representation. Well how about that.”

Sugar's tweet. Image: Twitter

Sugar himself responded angrily to some of his replies, but the tweet certainly produced a big response.

Someone else pointed that former Chelsea star Pat Nevin is also covering the Women’s Euros for BBC Radio 5 Live, saying: “Jonathan Pearce is on BBC1 and Pat Nevin is on Radio 5, so not sure where you’re watching /listening?”

Across the BBC’s coverage of the tournament, which would have been held last summer but to avoid a clash with the delayed men’s Euros, Jonas Eidevall, Ian Wright, Alistair Bruce-Ball, Steve Crossman, Ben Haines, Seb Hutchinson and Stephen Craigan are all helping to cover games.

When asked by one user whether a five-year-old wrote his tweet, Sugar replied: “No a 75 year old who is fed up with all this politically correct crap.” He also told someone else to “f off” and slammed “trolls” who corrected his spelling of the word “symbolic.”

Wonder if he’s ever thought that sometimes it might just be easier not to tweet?

The European Championships have been widely regarded as a huge success so far, with UEFA announcing that they had sold 517,000 of the 700,000 tickets available in the lead-up and record attendances have been set.

A total of 68,871 spectators watched England beat Austria 1-0 at Old Trafford in the host’s first game on Wednesday, and the final as Wembley could see as many as 90,000 supporters pack out the stadium.

It’s not the first time that Sugar has been criticised for his social media posts.

He was criticised in 2018 for a racist tweet that compared the Senegal World Cup squad to people selling things on the beach in Marbella.

Alan Sugar deletes 'racist' tweet saying Senegal football team sell bags on  beach in Marbella after furious backlash | The Independent | The Independent

In 2020, Jamie Carragher called him a ‘f***ing idiot’ for his insensitive tweet following the death of ex-Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier.

As mentioned, Alan Sugar faces big backlash for posting a tweet on women commentators at Euro 2022…

@_AaronK: do you ever stop crying

@CharlieHurley: Jonathan Pearce commentates so you can’t be paying much attention

@Wulfy7: And the match the other day had the (male) @ArsenalWFC manager in the analysis team.

@pa5coe: Did a 5 year old write this?

@niallbfd: Go to bed.

@MostCrucified: when i watch horse racing i expect the commentators to be horses

@DaveLGilmore: One of the lesser known features of Twitter is the ‘don’t tweet’ function, where you have a thought but then, instead of typing it in and tweeting it, you just leave it there in your head. Well worth checking out!

@Roxy_Hart: There’s literally a man commentating on the Netherlands v Sweden match right now

@roziefitz: Are you watching? Because there’s a male commentating on this game right now…

@mothcub_: I think you should focus on learning how not to mash your keys and cause a bunch of typos first babe

@Roughguide1960: Jonathan Pearce will be delighted I’m sure. He’s done two of the four matches including the one on now.

@CliveWismayer: For 99% of human history men have controlled 99% of everything. Along comes a women’s football tournament & you start whining ‘where are the men?’. Anyway, Jonathan Pierce.

@PeterSharpley3: Are you pissed?

@Jim_Cornelius: Jonathan Pearce frequently commentates on women’s football. Give your head a wobble.

@PaulFulford: Personally, Mr Sugar, I’d avoid all public comment on such matters until I’d grasped the fundamentals of grammar.

@JordLPM: Maybe talk to your carer before you tweet next time

@JCS_1956: you’re doing really well watching women’s football now so just take it in stages – turn off the commentators for now if it’s just too many women for you to cope with – no need to rush things 🤣

@GonnyGlass: BBC coverage of the Women’s Euro 2022 will be an all female team of presenters but these men are included as pundits & commentators: Ian Wright, Jonathan Pearce, Mark Scott, Jonas Eidevall, Scott Booth… is that enough maleness for you?

@joey__burton__: You’re watching a game with Jonathan Pearce commentating though…? Just a very weird thing to make up for the sake of it

@Theatreguy49: A male covered the Holland/Sweden game. He was awful, mostly drowned out by ambient stadium noise. When he could be heard it was drivel. Aspect ratio of TVs mean we can’t see who players areon the far side. People with diminished vision need to know what’s happening on the pitch!

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