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Alan Judge arrives for training with boxing gloves after referee square up

Alan Judge arrives for training with boxing gloves after his square up with referee Darren Drysdale in the 0-0 draw against Northampton.

In an extraordinary moment at Portman Road, the match official appeared to go head to head with Judge, before handing the player a yellow card in the League One encounter.

Blues manager, Paul Lambert, now wants the EFL to investigate Drysdale’s confrontation with the Republic of Ireland international after the midfielder’s appeal for a penalty had been turned down.

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Lambert spoke with talkSPORT about the incident, and revealed he had been in touch with the EFL’s head of referees requesting he review the incident.

“I’ve text Mike Jones (EFL head of referees) this morning to say have a look at the footage of the head thing,” he said.

“To me, in my opinion, it looks as if the referee went in there and I said to him after the game, ‘Did you put your head in my player?’

“He couldn’t answer it and that’s the reason I spoke to Mike. I haven’t seen that in a long, long while.”

The Football Association said on Wednesday it was aware of the incident, and it understood the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) will hold discussions with Drysdale and Ipswich.

Ex-Premier League referee Halsey was shocked by the incident and expects the PGMOL to launch an investigation to deduce what exactly happened to provoke such a reaction from Drysdale.

‘Darren Drysdale showed a lack of self-control when he squared up to Ipswich’s Alan Judge,’ Halsey told The Sun.

‘Irrespective of what has gone before in the match, referees should never put themselves in that position.

‘Discipline is vital for an official and the footage and pictures from Portman Road did not look good as players from both teams ushered the experienced Drysdale away.

‘I’m sure the PGMOL will conduct an investigation into what happened and it will be interesting to see if Ipswich now make a complaint to the EFL.’

Amusingly, Suffolk Gazette claims Alan Judge turned up to the training ground the following morning with boxing gloves after the referee square up.

The Suffolk Gazette state ‘how a photographer hid behind a hedge outside the training ground’.

Ipswich Town press spokesperson Lorraine Fisher said: “With Ipswich at a historic low, Alan has decided he might have more success as a fighter at the moment.

“He has asked manager Paul Lambert to install a boxing ring at the training centre so he can hone his new skills.”

There was reaction as Alan Judge arrives for training with boxing gloves after his square up with referee Darren Drysdale…

Richard Procter: I bet he said to lambert “ see you Jimmy “

Andrew Heffer: All the players on lpswich town books should take up boxing because they are no good at football

John Fox: Boxing gloves? For all the threat they pose the opposition defence, he might as well turn up in a leotard and tutu,holding primroses. Thought the ref completely dominated.

Jason Lee: Hahaha well played, well played

Paul Hutchinson: You couldn’t make it up

@libero676: I seem to remember Pierreluigi Collina being voted the best referee in the world for far more ‘aggressive’ behaviour.

@Jack_hobson12: Brilliant wasn’t it. Players give refs so much shite so about time they gave a bit back

@robfl1978: Should have nutted the dwarf

@Steve1193imp: Superb by the referee stood his ground took no shit and he dived no question

@Bazilbastin: Darren Drysdale you absolute legend . Don’t mess with the ref

@Jamie_Hodder21: Tell you what. I know it’s his job to stay cool but these referees deal with a lot of shit at times. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to see something like this happen

@AndyTelfer21: Why do players, managers etc think it’s fine to be aggressive towards the ref ? I was an aggressive referee and had very very few problems. My biggest problem was refereeing Women, no respect, abusive, constant foul language and I could not control it for fear of reprisal.

@bwfcmark7: Not for me. Need more referees with a pair of bollocks. Players give it enough

@EugeneLeach: He should be suspended immediately @FARefereeing there are no excuses for losing control, its bad enough making mistakes.

@Pandamonium1881: No doubt he will be suspended. He shouldn’t have “lost it” but everyone has a breaking point & it’s about time the powers at be backed refs. Yes, in my “profession” as a ref of 32 years there are, hate to say it, some bloody awful officials but there are far more awful players!

@matty__jeff: Imagine Judge said something to piss him off like most players do, think they’re the dogs bollocks, good on him and give him a promotion

@Fringeyman: Great to see. The lack of respect shown to refs is out of order and always has been. More needs to be done to clamp down on it.

@markpmakey: Ref is out of order.. we can’t have officials getting physical with the players

@mickhart76: No, but it’s ok for players to get physical with refs?

@garthLCFC: Stamping his authority and showing who’s in charge, haven’t seen it since Collina. Well done Darren Drysdale.

@jameschurchtatt: Did you notice that when the referee showed he wouldn’t take anybody’s shit, the situation defused. It’s when the referees stand there and take it, that the face to face abuse, sometimes by multiple players, continues. On this occasion anyway.

@Kelajones4: And whatever Judge had said, he knew was enough to get him in trouble with the ref – he couldn’t get away quickly enough! Fair play to the ref – refusing to be bullied.

@RobbieAuton: Judge has a go at him and goes towards him. Fair play to the ref the rest should do the same

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