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AFC Wimbledon unveil very unique kit for special cause to be worn for one match only

AFC Wimbledon this week took to unveil a very unique kit for a special cause which is to be worn for one match only.

They are expanding their reach by partnering with Warm & Wonderful with the renowned British knitwear brand helping them create a kit to be worn for their Good Friday League Two match against Harrogate Town at Plough Lane.

The distinctive “black sheep” design, which was worn by the late Princess Diana when she presented the FA Cup to Wimbledon captain Dave Beasant after their historic victory in 1988, will be the primary pattern while the collaboration also help two charitable organisations through the sale of limited edition kits, one being War Child, who aid children affected by conflicts worldwide since 1993, and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation which provides valuable support and engaging activities for individuals of all ages in the area.


We’re proud to announce a partnership with heritage British knitwear brand Warm & Wonderful that will result in the Dons wearing a one-off kit for the Harrogate game.

The kit, inspired by Warm & Wonderful’s iconic “black sheep” sweater, will be worn by our players on Good Friday, 29th March.

Proceeds raised from limited edition sales, as well as an auction organised by our partners MatchWornShirt, will be donated to two charities: War Child, a charity that has been helping children affected by conflict since 1993, and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation, which provides sporting opportunities for people of all ages in our local community.

War Child was chosen as a beneficiary, with their logo featuring on the sleeve, by our front of shirt partner Sports Interactive who maintain a long-running relationship with the charity.

The shirt will be worn in the pre-match warm-up and a stripped-back playing version – adapted to meet EFL rules – will be worn for the game itself.

The design is a result of a close collaboration between Warm & Wonderful founders Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, who first created the iconic “Black Sheep” motif in 1979; Jack Carlson of the cult clothing brand Rowing Blazers, who helped bring Warm & Wonderful back into business in 2019; and AFC Wimbledon Branding and Digital Transformation Lead Marc Jones.

“As part of my role with the Club, I’m keen to push our story into new areas,” said Marc. “Other clubs have collaborated with brands to increase their exposure and reach and this is a chance for us to show a little of who we are to a new audience.

“Rowing Blazers is a brand I have been following for some time and we have a shared energy for standing out from the crowd. We’d already committed to the shirt takeover to benefit the War Child charity and as the colours tied up with Warm & Wonderful’s iconic design it all fitted together to draw attention and raise funds.

“The slightly tweaked playing version will instantly become one of, if not the, rarest Wimbledon shirts you could own.”

Bal Srai, Head of Revenue and Operations added, “There have been a lot of moving parts to make this collaboration happen and we would like to thank Umbro for being able to turn around the shirts so quickly. Also, we would like to thank Qualco and Rose Capital Partners for donating their advertising on our shirts for two fantastic causes. We hope to raise as much as possible with all proceeds from the 500 retail shirts and the auction split 50/50 between War Child and our Foundation.”

The shirt can be seen first when we celebrate our longstanding partnership with Sports Interactive — the longest-running such relationship in English football — with a special event on Wednesday, 27 March at Cherry Red Records Stadium’s Viticult Lounge, showcasing the history of both the studio and the club over the last 21 years.

The promotional shoot was photographed by Louis Bever at the Cherry Red Records Stadium and features men’s team players Jack Currie and Aron Sasu, women’s team players Skye Bacon, Ella Newman and Kelly-Jade Whelan, a cameo from kitman Robin “Rocket” Bedford along with FA Cup winning captain Dave Beasant and Warm & Wonderful founders Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne.

The retail shirt be released at an event hosted by Classic Football Shirts in Shoreditch, London, on Thursday, 28 March, before making an on-pitch debut the following day with online and in-store sales in our club shop commencing at 11am.

Twitter users gave their reacted as AFC Wimbledon unveil a very unique kit for a special cause to be worn for one match only…

@MeadowAFCW: It’s awful. Maybe in blue it might have worked.

@StephenJAdams: It can’t be blue those are not the colours of the charity. If you read the article I feel it’s harsh to be critical

@BurvillRichard: It looks ridiculous sorry

@StephenJAdams: I actually disagree. It’s not for all but read the article and maybe then I feel criticism is harsh

@Ana_Perov: I wasn’t going to buy it, but might change my mind following the Twitter drama 🙄 Honestly, why to make such an issue out of CHARITY event? It’s @warchild colours, won’t make sense have it yellow&blue. It’s distinct and serves the purpose of giving attention to the cause.

@chewy63a: Genuine question for @TheDonsTrust are the club actually allowed to change our home colours from blue and yellow for men’s first team Football League games (even if it’s just for one game/for a charity) without a vote etc ??

@Charlieleahyy: I know its for charity, and i really like the idea behind it. But red and white with a hint of black for a home shirt. Brave 🫣

@WombleF1: Nice to see a tribute to fellow “Dons” Aberdeen.

@chewy63a: What the actual fuck is that? It’s horrific! And why is it fucking red and white?! What an absolute dogs breakfast of what should have been a nice little idea. This club, man.

@Jamesknight1987: Presume it’s the charity’s colours? But I agree would have been nice to be our colours. But it’s a one off and all for a good cause (but I won’t be buying). Wonder if the keepers shirt will be different?

@petehotchkiss: Tough one this. I suspect there’s a fair bit we aren’t being told. But does feel like a really great idea in principle, but just not quite hit the mark when it comes to execution.

@chewy63a: Getting a designer brand to redesign our kit (in the correct colours) for a one off match for charity would be a great idea. However this is just a stock design pattern that they’ve been churning out for decades. Feels like we’re just advertising some failing posh fashion brand!!

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