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AFC Wimbledon player mocked for dramatic reaction to flare up with Grimsby keeper

AFC Wimbledon player Harry Pell has been mocked for a dramatic reaction to having a flare up with Grimsby keeper Max Crocombe.

Both sets of players got into a flare up after Harry Pell went down following what was adjudged to be an altercation with the referee Darren Handley trying to calm the situation down.

He went on book Pell, who was furious at the decision, even more so as Crocombe went unpunished, making it for an interesting second half.

The heated moment came just after Ethan Chislett (AFC Wimbledon) right footed shot from very close range to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Harry Pell with a headed pass.

Then right towards the end, Harry Pell fell to ground again, in the penalty area down the other end, before rolling about and was then checked over by two teammates close by.

Chislett’s goal on the hour mark was enough to take the Dons past Town who are now six games without a win in League Two. Wimbledon are now unbeaten in eight league games.

Gavan Holohan sent the ball over from the edge of the box in the first few minutes before he slipped in John McAtee for what the away end thought was the opening goal, but their celebrations were stopped when the assistant referee raised an offside flag.

Michee Efete was taken off on a stretcher and in a neck brace after a heavy fall.

As mentioned, the AFC Wimbledon player Harry Pell has been mocked for producing a ‘dramatic reaction’ to a flare up with Grimsby keeper Max Crocombe…

@2jonkershaw: Harry Pell always wants to be the centre of attention, to make the game all about him, to dictate the pace & energy of the match. And every time you willingly oblige him. #GTFC

@MartinDenniss: @Harrypell_7 you absolute embarrassment of a professional footballer. Rolling round on the floor attempting to get Crocombe sent off.

@nicolewoood: how embarrassing is that Pell hahahaha #GTFC

@sandii_lou: Harry Pell really is a cheating bastard. Vile player & a disgrace to the game.

@Willo1988: Harry Pell is a fucking cheat!! Faking a head butt! Guy is a scum bag 😡😡 #gtfc

@gmann98: Grown adult that.

@Scarly_87: Harry Pell doing what Harry Pell does best 🙄

@seanmcclane: Saw the incident on Soccer Saturday. Max put his shoulder into the top of Pell’s chest. Embarrassing response to fake a head but. Credit to the ref for not buying it. Max was fortunate though, a weaker ref on another day…..

@EvanJD15: Harry Pell finally caught out for cheating hahahahaha

@YTMWS_: Worst team I’ve seen us play in a while and to not have a shot really the whole game and lose from a throw in is shocking… PS Harry Pell’s a cheat

@DPortlock: That fat scruffy Wimbledon cunt spitting at crocombe dirty bastard #gtfc

@jamescarter001: That’s so embarrassing from Pell😭😭 #gtfc

@Matt_Rhodes_: Harry pell what an absolute cunt

@JaseIves: Harry Pell you’re an absolute disgrace. Daft from Crocombe mind. #gtfc

@EdmundBrack: Harry Pell winding up the away fans. Water is wet #AFCW

@Evi1Geniu5: Harry Pell involved shock horror it isn’t #gtfc

@hamster893: Watching @Harrypell_7 act like that against Grimsby in 60+ minutes. You’re an embarrassment you tit. 🤣 Even a booking for acting like a nob as well 👏👏 must be very proud @AFCWimbledon

@Youngy316: Especially considering there was a serious injury just minutes before.. pathetic

@9yrspodcast: Pell booked for play-acting and it’s absolutely right from the ref. #AFCW

@Pedalville: That’s what I saw as well but everybody around me was outraged at the decision!

@pgraysie1: Keeper pushed his head towards Pell. That’s a head butt. Milked it mind.

@petehotchkiss: Yup. Total act from Pell

@MooneyEthan17: What a joke of a footballer Harry Pell is, a bloody disgrace!!! 🤬 #GTFC

@nick021260: Pathetic. What a tosser

@Hoad1970: @Harrypell_7 embarrassing

@joesturner: Imagine getting ‘treatment’ for that. How embarrassing @harrypell_7

@GTFC_Exiles: Why as a grown man would you ever want to do something like this? Yes you want to try to gain an advantage but there’s different levels and this is just embarrassing. #gtfc #afcwimbledon

@Kellarooo: Wtf is this 🤦🏼‍♀️

@ATAWGTFC7: Pell is an embarrassment #gtfc

@DeanoButTweets: Embarrassing fucker. Hurst out.

@josharmstrong91: Absolute cunt

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