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AFC Fylde speak on James Rowe while Gloucester, Brackley and St Albans sack managers

AFC Fylde speak out on boss James Rowe while Gloucester, Brackley and St Albans have took to sack their managers on Thursday morning.

There was a lot of people waiting for a statement regarding the situation playing out at Fylde with Rowe to appear in court having been charged with sexual assault.

But Fylde remained silent despite saying they’d say something in the morning part of the day, Brackley made the call to get rid of Kevin Wilkin, surprising everyone, then Gloucester said goodbye to Lee Mansell.


Following a meeting this afternoon, the board have accepted James Rowe’s resignation as manager of the club. Andy Taylor will take temporary charge until a new manager is appointed.

AFC Fylde manager James Rowe was charged with sexual assault and is due to appear in court in November.

In a statement, Derbyshire Constabulary said that, in January, officers received a report of a man having allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Chesterfield in November 2021.

Rowe previously left Chesterfield by ‘mutual consent’ in February amid Sportsmail’s revelations of alleged misconduct after being suspended by the club.


Brackley Town can confirm the departure of Kevin Wilkin as first team manager. Kevin leaves St James Park after 7 years.

In a statement club chairman Francis Oliver said, “We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Kevin and his staff for their service and achievements at the club since joining in September 2015. During this time Kevin has been a credit both on the pitch and off the pitch, respected by players, staff, supporters and more widely in the game.

“This has been a very tough decision to make because of the success that Kevin has had at the club. We finished second in the division last season, have had successive play-off finishes, great cup runs and of course a FA Trophy win at Wembley. Kevin has also embodied the values of the club as somebody of integrity and determination.

Kevin leaves with our sincerest of thanks for his commitment and dedication as manager and our very best wishes for the future. His tenure will be remembered as the most successful period in the club’s history.

Further announcements will be made to supporters in due course.


Gloucester City AFC can confirm that the club have parted company with First-Team Manager Lee Mansell by mutual consent.

We’d like to place on record our thanks to Lee for all of his efforts during his time at Gloucester City and wish him and his staff all the best for the future.

Further statements will follow in due course.

The Tigers appointed the former midfielder in September last year but he couldn’t turn their fortunes around and failed to meet the expected high last season, finishing in 17th – and a push for promotion was expected this time around.

But sitting in the lower half of the National League North standings, Tuesday’s draw against high flying newly promoted Banbury wasn’t enough to convince the club’s board, and leaves having won four times in the league, also defeating Hungerford Town in the FA Cup.


A St Albans statement read: “Following a meeting between the owners and Ian Allinson, the club can confirm that Ian has agreed to step down as first-team manager, by mutual consent, with immediate effect.

“The club would like to extend it’s thanks to Ian for his hard work and dedication over the last 6 years and will always cherish the memories from this period, including last season’s FA Cup first-round victory, a game televised across the nation and beyond and a moment which will forever be remembered in the club’s history.

“Although Ian will not be involved with the footballing side of the club, he will continue his non-football role as commercial manager.

“The club will now look to embark on the recruitment of a Head Coach for the first team and, for the time being, David Noble has agreed to act as Interim Head Coach, supported by the club’s backroom coaching and medical team.”

Twitter users had their say as AFC Fylde speak on James Rowe while Gloucester, Brackley and St Albans sack managers…


@NCFCsamuel: horrendous statement

@t_wxbster: What type of statement is this? Horrible club u lot are

@spireflyer: He has gone and I doubt he will get another job in football, there is a victim in all of this it is about that person now getting justice…

@PAJ1982: Wow, from appointing him in the first to place to this awful response to him being charged this appears to be an appalling ran club.

@cfc_alex06: Why are people expecting better from this joke of a club 🤣🤣

@Browny_90: If only you’d have known about the reasons why he was suspended and left Chesterfield like every single other person before hiring him. Awful club

@Upton_Blues: You let him resign!! Any other club would have fired him. Spineless, it’s all about cash and not a moral principle. Shameless club, hope its sponsors are happy.

@Browny_90: If only you’d have known about the reasons why he was suspended and left Chesterfield like every single other person before hiring him. Awful club

@josh_seward: Fucking hell. How has the guy charged with sexual assault come out of this with more dignity than your club?!

@craigwilso1969: Why does he need to resign if he’s innocent according to some fans & staff/volunteer . Vile club who still have a convicted paedophile attending all games.

@EdwinsonNick: Utter disgrace. My family won’t be anywhere near your club ever again

@BlakeeBedfordd: Disgusting bloke.

@DextersDesciple: “Resigned” 🤣🤣 Serves them right for hiring him in the first place. Surely they should have known this was coming

@James_Turnerr20: What an embarrassing, horrible, ransid little club. The fact he’s resigned rather than sacked says it all.

@BlythsGreenArmy: That’s a terrible statement. Considering they’ve had all day to do it 😳 Embarrassing the way that club is ran.

@ReeceNuttall_: the fact it was a RESIGNATION and not a sacking… awful, absolutely awful. @HerGameToo, hope you’re aware of this mess – what a message this sends out 🤮

@cleanjoeCFC: Horrible club hope they dissolve.


@nmengland: It’s been a very inconsistent start but there have been some good signs too, it seems very early in the season to make a change…unless there is something going on behind the scenes of course.

@kieransquires95: Shocking decision in my opinion! Good luck @1_Mansell in the next job 👏🏻

@alanbarmstrong: A friend asked I wanted to go to a comedy club on Saturday. I said “I’m not into stand up”. He said “no not that type of comedy club. Gloucester City are at home to Merthyr.”

@dave_wilky: Good luck @1_Mansell with next job asap, Gave his all from what I’ve seen 👍🏻👍🏻

@Benjosymons1: Just what you wanted before a FA Cup fixture as well. Your timing is impeccable!! Classy as ever from the hierarchy.

@since_1883: LMS came across well & obviously was popular with the fans due to his roots & I wish him well going forward. However, his ability to manage from the touchline was almost non existent at times. Maybe that will improve with experience. Lets hope we get lucky with next appointment!!

@VipassanaTrades: That is a real shame, really wanted to see @1_Mansell be a success at City. All the very best with your future endeavours. What now for City 🙄 Will be interesting to see what sort of performance we see against Merthyr…

@coachmattw17715: Good luck @1_Mansell and staff in the next role and future. Seems a very strange decision this early in to the season…I thought he would have been gone more time, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

@shauntippins: Such a strange timing. Manse has served us well, admittedly performances have been inconsistent however when your missing players due to injury which are probably going to be 50% of your playing budget it’s never going to be an easy ride. Think there will be more too it…

@McguirkMacca: Crazy …..stability is whats needed and from what my lad says who’s been training with Manse and his team , they had a strong team spirit and togetherness….. he’s was also looking to bring through local boys into the 1sts , I really don’t get this ?

@MrMeadowClark: Thank you and all the best Lee, very sad it’s not worked out but I think overall this is the right decision. There are managers out there with pedigree at this level so I’d like to see us bring one of those in. Those that are piling on the club clearly haven’t been watching us.


@matthew_bartram: Have a feeling you’re gonna regret this very quickly

@joshwithers10: Club is a joke. Absolute disgrace of a decision.

@lumbeiro: Wish him all the best. Will forever be a legend in this town. Only too worrying what path this club will head down now

@dave2801epic: Sad day for the club, I’m sure Kevin will go on to much bigger and better things! Probably going to be a rough few years for the Saints.

@b3ckyadam5: What on earth is going on! Big shoes to fill!! Good luck Kev and thank you for everything you’ve done for the club! ❤️

@johnnyP_NCFC: Unless Kevin has a better offer elsewhere and this is his doing, a truly remarkably poor decision by the club. I can hardly believe I’m reading it.

@ChrisCooper_22: The grass isn’t always greener guys, Kevin will go onto big things.

@Daveal1: I am truly shocked at this. I can only express my thanks to Kevin and his team for some wonderful moments during his time at the club. I have no doubt he will go onto bigger things – just hope there is a plan to maintain the ultra high standards he has set 😔

@akaDickTurvey: I’ve got to say I share the same view of many on here. I am surprised. He’s a good quality manager who has brought us unprecedented success – thank you for the memories Kevin esp. Wembley. I do hope the club has a plan to bring someone else in who can contribute more?

@Garethwebb1: Can’t believe I’m reading this…we’re 5 point’s of top & we’ve not kicked into any sort of form yet. Thanks Kev for everything, you embraced our small town club. We’ve played some great football over the year’s & some great Memories. #kevinwilkinsbarmyarmy

@cwbmufc: Terrible decision. For a club and town the size of Brackley his achievements have been incredible. It would be interesting to know the reasons for the decision

@spongemonkey78: Not a @BrackleyTownFC fan but a non league fan …this man ensured you punched well above your weight consistently over his tenure and has proven himself as a great manager capable of managing higher – to dispatch him before the end of September is incredibly short sighted IMHO 🤷‍♂️

@kiddyguest: Very strange decision. Brackley are the best team to have played Harriers this season and you were a certain top 3 under Wilkin. You won’t get a better manager in my opinion.


@Andy_Wilson68: I would get Kevin Wilkin in now while he is available.

@ElmbridgeSteve: Austin is the culprit and he knows it downward trajectory from the day he walk in look at the stats

@andyh2602: So those responsible for player recruitment are still at the club? 👀

@LivoAaron: Some people didn’t give him the recognition he deserved. Constantly helped us to overachieve every season. Thanks for the memories Ian!

@philbwc: ‘Steps down’ 😂😂 He was given an impossible remit by that joker Austin. If they backed him, Allinson would have had them challenging. Instead they’ve hung him out to dry. The club has gone downhill since Levy brought his mate Austin in. The bloke is killing that club ✊💦

@DaveChalmers15: Cheers for some great times Ian! You pulled us out the fire when you first took over. I wish you all the best in everything you do but it was probably time given that Ian Austin was clearly pulling too many terrible strings above you

@toptargets: Ian did a fantastic job in his time at the club and more than surprised to see this but leaves the club having done brilliantly over the years. Well played Ian and best of luck. 👍👊👏

@dunsjd: Not entirely surprising news given how season has started. Club now operating at completely different level thanks in no small part to Ian & great to see him staying on to further develop commercial side! Important decision now on football side in selecting new manager! #sacfc

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