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AFC Fylde claim their pitch has been “purposefully sabotaged” with a brick

AFC Fylde have this week claimed their pitch has been “purposefully sabotaged” with a brick lodged in the drainage system.

They reveal how it was the cause for the playing surface looking noticeably poor this season by the National League side’s normal standards.

Fylde say that only only someone with a “working knowledge” of the surface would have been responsible for putting a brick, wrapped in cloth, in the draining system.

AFC Fylde Head Groundsman Ian Forshaw explained: “Since being here it’s been the case that the pitch has been wet, and it should have drained much better than it has been doing.

“We applied some wetters which would drag the water through, but nothing was happening – so we investigated the drainage.

“On one side it was draining ok, but the pitch was still wet through – so we looked on the pitch side drain, and that’s when we found a brick covered in a cloth lodged deep in the drainage pipe.”

“Why this was in there, I don’t know, but since removing the brick we noticed it’s now draining better – but recovery at this stage of the year is going to be slow.”

Fylde add: “We are really disappointed the individual has taken this action against the club, and we urge anyone with any information to come forward.”

Manager Jim Bentley said: “It was just a mad thing, the chairman (David Haythornthwaite) told me about it and then I saw all the stuff online about it. Madness.

“The pitch hasn’t been great, it’s worse when you actually get on it.

“We want to try and play football but it’s becoming difficult to do that.

“Now we’ve found the reason, hopefully it will improve.

“But it’s a hindrance, not a great thing to happen.

“I’ve encountered certain things at clubs when I’ve been involved in new builds, at Morecambe and Telford, so I’ve seen certain things over time but I’ve never seen anything in that regard with someone trying to throw a spanner in the works – or a brick as it is here.”


@cringle100: Bullshit

@mishimp: Bizarre

@WackoJacko1974: ‘Individual’ rather than ‘individuals’. Seems like there’s a good idea of who it may be then? Surely there’s cctv footage? Cloths very dry considering it’s been down a drain though

@EdArm1: This has all the hallmarks of a disgruntled ex employee!? ?

@AdamLindley_: Shame your defence has been so leaky this season. You could do with a brick wall at the back???

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