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Accrington owner slams disgusting details over section of Fleetwood fans

Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt slams disgusting details which has emerged over a section of Fleetwood Town fans at Saturday’s match.

Holt, who has a high social media presence, has pledged to offer only the minimum allocation to the Cod Army supporters if the clubs meet again next season, to make those tickets more expensive, to ban food and alcohol sales for their fans and to ban their supporters from bars and hospitality.

He added that he was notified of some Fleetwood fans “destroying” toilets at the Wham Stadium, while Accrington players were spat at and even caused trouble in the town with the police to be contacted.

Accrington Stanley's toilets were 'destroyed'

Accrington owner slams disgusting details over section of Fleetwood fans

Holt wrote on social media: “Before, during and after the @ASFCofficial game vs @ftfc, I was getting texts and messages about their fan behaviour. Not all fans. Some idiots.

“I had a good chat to their supporters club earlier in the day. Decent folk. Anyhow, these idiots were running round our town indiscriminately punching townsfolk going about their Saturday, for no reason.

“These idiots flooded and destroyed our toilet facilities that we take pride in keeping clean and in good order.

“These idiots spat at our players and wouldn’t respond to our light touch approach by stewards. They spoilt the day.

“I accept my responsibility as the town’s club owner. And it’s a shame that the many are affected for these idiots.

“A bill will be sent to @ftfc for damage. If we play them next season the absolute minimum number of tickets will be allocated. The tickets will be more expensive. They will not be allowed in our bars and hospitality. There will be no alcohol or food sales for away fans. The only toilets available will be steel containers.

“I will ask our @officalassc1 to work directly with their counterparts at Fleetwood to try to ensure decent match-going fans don’t miss out too much.

“In (my) six years @ASFCofficial these are the worst fans and aggro I’ve encountered. I don’t need authorities to tell me what to do. I’m not wearing this, not for our police, our… …stewards, our club, our town, our people.

“Shameful behaviour. Unacceptable. All fans punished for a few clowns. I would post the messages I received during the match but it identifies people. They will be forwarded to police.”


Ethan Hamilton and Colby Bishop were both on the scoresheets to help guide Accrington to a comfortable 5-1 win over 10-man Fleetwood to make it successive League One wins.

The travelling side were handed a blow on the 23rd minute after Daniel Batty was handed a straight red for a rash challenge on Harvey Rodgers.

Stanley were on top by this time and went one up on the 29th minute when Bishop sent Hamilton through and he hit his effort low and into the net.

It was two within a minute of the second half when Sean McConville sent a ball into the area before being chested down by Bishop and placed into the corner of the net.

Fleetwood got themselves a goal back on the 57th minute when Callum Morton pulled the ball back to sub Harrison Biggins who side-footed home.

The hosts were just too strong however making it 3-1 on the 72nd minute after substitute Liam Coyle picked up a loose ball and buried it home for his first league goal.

A fourth went in for Accrington 12 minutes from time with Rodgers feeding the ball to Bishop who then produced a backheel and in the ball went. Easy work.

There was still time for another goal, yep, a fifth for Accrington, Hamilton getting on the scoresheet on the 90th minute with Stanley sitting 11th in the table, but with it eight league games without a win for managerless Fleetwood, they remain 20th.

Twitter users reacted as the Accrington owner slams disgusting details on a section of Fleetwood fans at the match…

@Gray67Ma: Good morning Andy. I thought days like this were behind us! Only a minority of people but they do ruin it for the rest of us.

@SimonHill69: Sorry to hear this, visited with Wednesday, Stanley is an amazing club who do so much for the community, beyond me how people can behave like this

@NikGittins: Such a shame, living in East Lancs, a trip to Accy when Vale played them was one of the things I looked forward to. Great local club, good leadership off the pitch, and a welcoming away day. Such a shame.

@shifnalram: Good morning appalled, unfortunately the minority that spoil it for the rest, all clubs have them. Sorry to hear what happened visited a few years back, great town and people

@PFCjohnny: Im shocked and appalled that some Fleetwood fans, given their non-league history, could do this to a fellow club. Keep up the hard work, this must be difficult to take given the amount of time, money and energy you put into the club.

@DougieSpen: Good morning Andy and good on you. Was gutted last season when Covid regulations prevented a return to Accrington. Keep working hard and keep your chin up.

@WestSussexRam: Sorry to hear of the trouble yesterday, Andy. Hope you get paid to fix it. Best wishes for the rest of the season

@woodford_simon: The only way to go about it. I feel sorry for you Andy who I does his best to make a match day an enjoyable one and you take great pride in this. It’s always the minority that spoil for the rest.

@shaunrichards73: Whatever happened to respecting other people’s homes and belongings. Attending away games and seeing the homes of teams is a privilege. Lifetime bans for all concerned 😡😡

@glyn_birchall: Absolute disgrace they must be in a time warp from the 1970s. I would ban them next season if they are in league 1. We are such a friendly club and do not deserve any of this.

@markthornley85: What absolute tools! I hope the police find them and banned from all football matches! You have done right with your actions for future games with @ftfc

@1988Pete: Still in shock that Fleetwood have fans to be honest.

@RobRuss92409479: They’ll be in the Northern Prem soon enough now that Pilley is running out of dough

@lancstic: Sorry to hear this Andy. I visited with Wigan earlier in the season and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day with great hospitality by your club. Don’t let these idiots ruin your refreshing approach to enhancing the supporter experience.

@andydick52: A great response Andy and I totally agree with your response it affects decent fans but it is upto them to name and shame their idiots and rid them from their club they have long been a cancer in their fanbace nothing new.

@sam25041967: That is terrible 😟, we all know tensions can run a little high sometimes, but these are not football fans, they’re animals and don’t deserve to partake in a spectacle put on for enjoyment for all, women and children included. All clubs should act on @ftfc

@DonkeyDelph: This must be soul destroying after all the hard work you and your colleagues put in week after week to improve the facilities for the same fans that indiscriminately destroy them. @ftfc have to take some responsibility and deal with the fans accordingly.

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