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Accrington chairman bites back on Twitter after his side ends Wrexham’s unbeaten run

Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt quickly bites back on Twitter after his side ends Wrexham’s unbeaten run in League Two.

The Welsh outfit have been branded as “stupid” for making “mistimed statements” over ticket prices prior to their fixture with Accrington Stanley on Saturday afternoon.

Adult prices for both sets of fans were set at £25 at the Wham Stadium – a £5 increase on the normal matchday admission.

In response, Wrexham took to social media hours before kick off, saying they would reduce ticket prices by the same amount for the return fixture in May.

As expected, Accrington chairman Andy Holt hit out at Wrexham over this stance.

Wrexham said: “In response to Accrington Stanley’s decision to increase the match day price by £5 from that previously charged at Wham Stadium for league games this season, we have decided to reduce the price of matchday tickets by £5 for the return game at the SToK Cae Ras on 02/03/2024.”

He said: “When costs are already high @Wrexham_AFC the last thing football needs is stupid mistimed statements. It’s surprising how stupid given a former CEO of @EFL (Shaun Harvey) is employed by you. Let’s have a great day for all fans safely, whatever the outcome on the pitch. Welcome to @ASFCofficial.”

When asked by a fan on Twitter over if Accrington had raised the prices for other clubs that have sizeable followings such as Bolton last season in League One, Holt responded: “Yes we did.

“It’ll be £20 next year if we meet again. The allocation will be lower but the max we can give without all the extra costs. Easy sorted.”

“If there was only a couple of hundred of you today I’d be happy to do the same,” Holt replied back to a Wrexham fan criticising the price increase. “Unfortunately costs are very high for this game.

“Big policing bills and stewarding big stewarding costs. I appreciate what Wrexham are doing for our fans though.”

The game played out to a 2-0 victory for hosts Accrington, with Paul Mullin smashing a penalty for Wrexham against the crossbar in added time in the second half.

To which Holt then said: “Accrington 2 Hollywood nil. I think @VancityReynolds should cut prices by a tenner @Wrexham_AFC Safe journey home folks Get that on @netflix Ryan lad.”

Here’s how fans reacted as the Accrington chairman bites back on Twitter after his side ends Wrexham’s unbeaten run…

@CharlieFarnsba9: Cracking result that, on and off the pitch 👍👏🤣🤣

@joshwilliamsDNO: It’s on Disney not Netflix but good try 👍

@Wills0316: Would you have posted that if you had lost? All teams have an off day. Who have you got next round FA Cup?.. Oh that’s right.. You haven’t!

@THtyne: Take it that’s you and John back on good terms again Andy? 😂 Enjoy it, good result.

@neilhay3s: Don’t make the game all about you Andy. Your team won a home league game. That’s it. You also chose to raise prices for people to stand on an open terrace. Ryan has chosen to reduce prices for your fans to sit in a nice stand, with a roof. Enjoy your evening.

@mrgaztay: Superb 👏 The Wrexham admin/owners were out of order I thought for calling him out on the day of the game and it’s backfired. Category games have always been a thing in football. And wales have messed it up too. Long day 😭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@keevs_89: Pathetic behaviour from a so called football owner. If I was a player or fan I’d be embarrassed to have you in charge of my club 👍

@yetigoosecreat: This bloke bumped his ticket prices up specifically for the Wrexham game to fleece away fans. Robbing tit.

@_Daryl_01: Andy loves it really

@biddulph_martyn: 3 pints away from another meltdown and public selling of the club

@ConorHDaly: 😂 yes Andy! 👊🏻

@tomroyscully: 😂😂 Love the shithousery

@J1864G07P: Well done on winning the league mate . 🔔 🔚

@DMAC91: Hated the club and wanted out a few weeks back 😂😂😂😂

@pauljones_wxm: Well done on the win, pathetic post by a club chairman , almost as classy as that 🛎️🔚 at Kings Lynn. Ps it’s not on Netflix

@PastThePoster: Embarrassing excuse of a chairman


@RichWXM: What an absolute 🔔🔚

@msth_19: Enjoy the money you robbed off hard-working fans, you massive tory

@cianevs: You’d think Accrington had won the FA Cup after today. Also, the documentary is on Disney+ not Netflix 👍

@RickMcGurty94: Great win for your lads, don’t sour it and take attention away from the playing staff

@sandyridge17: A chairman of a football club posting something like this? Really? You are an embarrassment and a clown.

@M4C53N7: Disney not Netflix Nice one Andy, you can use all of that money to get yourself a new hairline 👍

@leg119acy: This post is weak by a chairman! Lol… go to bed

@tommyshuffle1: I find it abit weird how people are celebrating a massive Tory overcharging working class fans for no reason haha

@TomEyre78: This is a superb piece of shithousing. Love it 👏

@Curtis_furness: I’m so glad #Notts have the Reedtz as owners. Imagine shafting working class fans, being shown up by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and then bragging about it just because you won. Vile.

@partypirate: The f**k has this guy got against us. One very strange, weird chap. 🙄

He’ll be reeling them in 🎣
Fair play 😂

@chipsforaquid: Classy fella this one isn’t he?

@TomRolinson: This fella loves proving what a cunt he is after he’s had a few beers on a Saturday afternoon

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