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‘Absolutely shocked’ – Stockport County part company with their manager

‘Absolutely shocked’ is just some of the reaction used by Stockport County supporters as they part company with their manager.

The departure of Jim Gannon has been confirmed less than 48 hours after they knocked out Dagenham & Redbridge in the National League on Tuesday.

They currently sit 4th in the National League table, taking a total of 27 points from 15 games played though there is doubt over whether the campaign can continue.


Stockport County Football Club have today parted company with Manager Jim Gannon.

This has been an extremely difficult decision for the Club’s Board to take and not a decision taken lightly. The decision is not results based but is centred around culture.

We thank Jim for his long standing service to the Club as both player and manager; he has rightfully been immortalised into the Club’s Hall of Fame and will always be a huge part of County’s history.

We want to reassure fans that every decision made, we believe to be in the best long-term interests of the Club.

Assistant Manager Dave Conlon will take interim responsibility whilst a new Manager is appointed.

There will be no further comment until a new appointment is made.

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Right now, there are jobs available at League Two outfit Port vale, as well as League One side Fleetwood Town.

He went viral when we found out he had a period of not accepting interviews from Sky Sports.

Forward Liam Dickinson: “So the season we got promoted, we could’ve been on Sky a couple of times.

“But he [Gannon] refused to do an interview for Sky because his Skybox broke and nobody came round to fix it.

“Swear on my life, swear to god that’s true! So he refused to do interviews with Sky because they wouldn’t fix his box, nobody would come out to fix it.

“Probably lost the club a good few grand. The first interview he did was the play off semi-final. He kind of had to because we were on Sky and it was in the contract.

“Think they gave him a new box as well!”

He was at the club for five years and more recently guided them to the FA Cup Third Round, losing 1-0 to Premier League outfit West Ham in January 2021, beating Yeovil and Chesterfield along the way.


– Dundalk – 8 Jun 2004 until 14 Nov 2005 – 72 games, 26 wins, 18 draws, 28 defeats, 36.1 win %
– Stockport County – 28 Dec 2005 until 6 May 2009 – 182 games, 79 wins, 42 draws, 61 defeats, 43.4 win %
– Motherwell – 30 Jun 2009 until 28 Dec 2009 – 25 games, 7 wins, 8 draws, 10 defeats, 28.0 win %
Peterborough United – 1 Feb 2010 until 6 Apr 2010 – 14 games, 4 wins, 1 draw, 9 defeats, 28.6 win %
Port Vale – 6 Jan2011 until 21 Mar 2011 – 15 games, 4 wins, 4 draws, 7 defeats, 26.7 win %
Stockport County – 14 Nov 2011 until 16 Jan 2013 – 59 games, 18 wins, 14 draws, 27 defeats, 30.5 win %
Northwich Victoria – 9 Dec 2013 until 19 Jan 2016 – 113 games, 66 wins, 21 draws, 26 defeats, 58.4 win %
Stockport County – 19 Jan 2016 until 21 Jan 2021 – 266 games, 136 wins, 64 draws, 66 defeats, 51.1 win %
Total – 745 games, 340 wins, 171 draws, 234 defeats, 45.6 win %

Fans reacted as Stockport County part company with their manager…

@JSomersetActor: I won’t be paying for any more streams until an explanation for this is forthcoming.

@chris_eaton_: We need a full explanation because this is absolutely outrageous on the face of it.

@DaveLong79: “Not just results based”. More than meets the eye here.

@John5H: Absolutely shocked by this. It needs further clarification and explanation, because as it stands this is an awful decision.

@BillyBy17: Absolute joke , people in charge with no connection to the club, this is now a business , we’re not fans anymore we’re customers , Mr Stott doesn’t need our money he’ll do what he wants and at the moment he won’t have to face any criticism or questions because we’re not there

@SCFCfan04: Absolutely disgraceful. Shocking decision by the club. Everything he has done, and he just goes like that. We’re joint 3rd in the league, absolutely appalling. Very embarrassed

@MattTidswell: There must be more than meets the eye to this. Disgraceful! I’m in total shock!

@daisy_may_lord: Absolute disgrace. The only explanation here is that players who have a much shorter connection and history to the club have had a hand in this. How completely disrespectful to a manager who has given so much to the club for players who may spend a season or two there?

@biscuits172: Didn’t see that coming. Personally I think it’s a huge mistake! Who needs Mourinho when we have Jimbo

@Georgio_SI: Shocking decision that. The club is very lucky fans arent in the stadium because they would have turned

@ShaunCo56085755: Totally shocked and gutted, Jim Gannon lives and breaths county. I want a full refund for my season ticket

@OffTheLineBlog: What a baffling decision. Feel for Jim after all that he has done during his time as manager, and it feels that something has gone on because seems extremely odd to dispense of someone as legendary as Jim due to “culture problems”.

@griffcounty: You were getting everything so right

@HGMassive: Can I now request my two season tickets are refunded. The decision is based on club culture….he is Mr Stockport county in most people’s eyes.

@Burkelele: Big mistake. Stott has just undone a lot of the good work he’d done since taking over. Thanks for everything @james16gannon.

@StockportDiesel: This is awful, we thought you understood this club and its fanbase. You’ve just undone all that good work.

@M_Traynor_: “This is an evolution not a revolution” Starting to feel like a revolution to be honest lads. Needs explaining asap

@stew1987: Nah. Stupid decision. Now a new manager will take a few weeks to get his ideas across while we’re dropping down the table. At least wait till the end of the season.

@Jay__Arron: This is absolutely terrible

Ethan Lockhart as Stockport part company with their manager: A big decision. One that’s taken balls from stott to do, considering the backlash that he more than likely knew that would come from the fans. But one that’s not gone down too well most importantly. How can you back players who have thrown their toys out. After comments in the dressing room, by a manager that has brought success to the club, who has fought for the club, and who has done everything they possibly can to bring success to the club. Proven success btw, rebuilding us in the conference North, to taking us into the position we are now. Fighting for promotion in the league above. The real reason needs to come out for the sake of the fans. Weather its from stott or the players themselves. We deserve to know what’s happened.

Jason Hughes: Look forwards not back, got to back the owners on this one

Gary Henderson: Disgusting. Stott needs to come out quickly with a full and frank explanation.

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