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‘Absolute joke’ – Aston Villa fans fume at ‘disgusting’ update

Aston Villa fans fume at a ‘disgusting’ update over the upcoming games against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge later in September.

Dean Smith’s side will come up against twice this month at the West London outfit in both the Premier League and the Carabao Cup.

Villa fans had been planning on attending either fixture, but have since discovered that they will have to adhere to numerous protocols, the club revealed on Tuesday. As expected, a number of Villa supporters were quick to flock to their tweet.


Aston Villa supporters travelling to Chelsea for either of the club’s September fixtures are advised of the Covid-19 procedures in place at Stamford Bridge.

Villa travel to west London to face the Blues in the Premier League on Saturday (ko 5.30pm) before returning for our Carabao Cup Round Three tie on Wednesday, September 22 (7.45pm).

Attending fans are required to adhere to the following stadium Covid-19 measures:

– All supporters/visitors will need to have had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine (with the second date not less than two weeks ago) https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/covid-pass/get-your-covid-pass-letter/, or provide proof of a Lateral Flow (LFT) Covid Test carried out within 48 hours of the fixture kicking off. This will be checked upon entry. The Lateral Flow tests can be obtained free of charge by clicking on the link; https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

– All supporters/visitors will be required to wear face coverings/masks in all indoor areas of the stadium, including the concourses, except when they are eating or drinking.

– Face coverings/masks are not required when seated or walking outside the stadium.

Please note, supporters will need to show proof of a negative test or proof of having received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine or they will be turned away.

This applies to all fans, including juniors from the age of 11 upwards.


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As mentioned, Aston Villa fans, along with others of a different club fume at what some described to be a ‘disgusting’ update, see what they said in reply below…

@vizzy9: Absolute joke selling tickets before announcing this. Not even a government guideline until October

@avfc_85: Absolute joke! Slippery slope this!

@avfcbrummie: Maybe should have made us all aware of this before selling tickets

@JohnGallett: Age 11 and up? Wow.

@elliotfarrall: I’m guessing youre immune when eating and drinking 😂?

@matt14UK: Taking the piss 11 upwards wtf

@JaseWheatley: There stewards have always been heavy handed jobsworths so can guarantee u’ll need a face covering. Ffs 😡

@yorkvillan: Behave 🤣🤣

@joshkentx: A face covering 😂

@guyc_01: Face coverings 😂😂fucking please they are useless.

@ShawAVFC: Disgusting

@Dkiernan1992: Completely agree with the processes in place but to sell the tickets and then drop this 4 days before the game is poor form. Away sales have been all over the place this season as it is.

@rosscallaghanav: Supposed to be COVID checks at Wembley on Sunday I walked straight in 🤷🏻‍♂️

@CBlock97: Don’t forget your digital ticket, QR code health papers and of course contactless payment. Then ask yourself is it the virus or you that’s been monitored?

@shadynasty1989: If one thing has been made clear after being at the first two games, is that people don’t give a shit. It’s business as usual in the concourse and on the terraces. No one wants to wear masks, no one wants to social distance, WE DONT WANT or NEED RESTRICTIONS #avfc

@GinnyA24601: When will fans stop accepting this. 11+ ffs. Please boycott these games vaccinated or not!

@AL__AVFC: Shove your masks up your arse

@MikeHuntNumber9: So wait. You’ve got to prove you’re vaccinated twice and still wear a mask while walking around? Isn’t taking the ‘magic potion’ supposed to protect you? Is this the hill football clubs are willing to die on? How about telling the Government to go fuck themselves?

@curiodds: Anyone going along with this charade is part of the problem. Medical apartheid bereft of logic. The vaccinated can still catch and pass on but they don’t need a test? It’s beyond retarded. It’s all about passports and control. The slippery slope. Wake up people.

@avfcdvd: They can fuck off with face masks lol #avfc

@_DW24: Hope the players are all double jabbed too…

@Toby_Wheatley: I know it’s only scaremongering tactic but you must be off your fucking rocker you think I’m strutting the concourse of Stamford Bridge like I’m about to perform a root canal on some cunt

@luisaavfcx: Looool glad I’m banned what a shambles

@JBaker_24: Wouldn’t bother me but it’s a bit controversial them doing this AFTER people have purchased tickets #AVFC

@leeshaavfc: Should of told us before purchasing tickets

@TylerHinsley1: Already takes how long to get into grounds no chance they check every single person

@__obennett: Masks in the concourse 😂😂😂 send it on

@AL__AVFC: Try and enforce the masks 🤣

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