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Aaron Ramsdale spotted in new clip hilariously rattling Leeds fans yet again

Aaron Ramsdale has been spotted in a new clip hilariously rattling Leeds fans yet again, this time during a 1-0 win for Arsenal.

In Sunday’s chaotic match in Yorkshire, the Gunners extended their lead to four points at the top of the Premier League table thanks to a strike from Bukayo Saka.

Mikel Arteta‘s side were outclassed in the second half, with Patrick Bamford sending his penalty wide in the 64th minute.

It was one of a number of chances that spurned the Whites on, with the Gunners lucky Jesse Marsch’s men didn’t have their shooting boots on to get a leveller.

In dramatic scenes, Gabriel Magalhaes gave away a penalty in stoppage time after appearing to kick out at Bamford, with the Arsenal defender shown a straight red card.

After looking at the replays, Bamford was seen pushing Gabriel first, referee Chris Kavanagh downgraded his red to a yellow and also gave the visitors a free-kick instead of a spot-kick to Leeds.

Arsenal held on to claim all three points to ensure it is the club’s best ever start to a top-flight campaign after winning nine out of their opening ten games.

It was relief and delight in Ramsdale’s full-time celebrations that wound up the Leeds fans even more, mocking them if you like for the second season running.

During Arsenal’s 4-1 victory at Leeds back in December 2021, Ramsdale had coins chucked at him as he expresses his glee at three first half goals, before waving and blowing a kiss to the direction of the home end after the game.

Ramsdale again couldn’t help but celebrate in front of the Elland Road faithful, showing off his passion after Kavanagh blew the final whistle.

In footage uploaded by LUFC Lewis, the shot stopper could be seen punching the air with Leeds fans booing, leading to Ramsdale sarcastically clapping the home supporters with a huge smile on his face.

A variety of hand gestures greeted Ramsdale as he walked back to the goal to collect his things which he simply found amusing, before doing a fist pump in front of them.

Speaking to Arsenal’s website after the match, Ramsdale was asked to name what his best save was.

To which he said: “The one with my nuts maybe? Although it took a big effect on me, I’m still feeling a bit sick now! I’m just thankful I was there today.

“I have been very critical of myself over recent games from the start of the season where goals have gone in, and there’s questions to be answered the following day.

“So to help the team out today was great.

“It’s just one of those emotions where now we’ve set our bar so high, standards-wise of how we want to play, and we didn’t reach that.

“But the overriding emotion is elation because we got three points and a 1-0 win away from home.”

During an appearance on Ben Foster’s podcast, the Gunners goalkeeper spoke about getting stick from Leeds fans in 2021.

“After the first [goal], there were some bottles and stuff thrown, a few lighters, and I chucked them off to the side,” Ramsdale said.

“The next thing you know, money started coming on. I’m looking around and there was one £2 – well, I collect £2 coins, so I took that.

“Then there’s quids and 50ps, so I’m picking them up and I put them by my towel, [then] at half time I put them in my towel, I run off and put them in the changing room.

“Second half comes, a few more come, and then an e-cig comes on just before the penalty.

“So I’ve gone back in and I’m speaking to Kalvin Phillips, going ‘your fans must be loaded’ – it was about £17 I pulled off the pitch.

“And I’ve missed some money – I couldn’t pick them all up – it was about £17 I took back in.”

This is what fans had to say with Aaron Ramsdale spotted in a new clip hilariously rattling Leeds fans yet again…

@Tomba_14: Elite shithouser

@LukePhi86594299: This guy 🤣❤️

@MikeDingDong: I honestly love him.

@Gunnerforeva_31: Love it. Lmaoooooo

@ScotsmansAnger: You have to love Leeds fans keeping it classy.

@rpembs14: Not as good as last season but it’s nice to see Rammers keeping up the tradition of living in Leeds fans minds rent free 🤯

@Kangemi79: Dirty Leeds and their lovely fans. 😂

@cool_abdul9: Ramsdale is always keeping himself company with the opposition fans 😂😂

@jimbohiller: Love this bloke

@FribergEddie: Give em hell @AaronRamsdale98

@mavtweetz: Wind up merchant 😂😂😂

@Boycey_Boy: Cor some top level wanker signals there 😂😂

@rpjmetzger: Never heard so many Yorkshire men saying “Fock off” at once 😭😭

@IslingtonMatt: God I love this guy

@Nicko99_: Makes it even funnier cos he’s absolutely shite

@walloppppp: Ramsdale is a chap loool

@JulesPLaplaud: He’s done it again 😂 #Ramsdale

@BigFatMass: Shithouse 🤣

@AlexAFCSimpson: Ramsdale rattling Leeds fans two years in a row 🤣

@cal_thornhill: Big fan of the shithousery. Gave some. Took some.

@kingArsenejr: 🤣🤣🤣. Made my monday. Love this rambo

@White100James: Top stuff 🤣

@freddieafc7: proper goalie this guy

@mr_olubaba: @AaronRamsdale98 thats how you do it man. Stunt on the haters!!! 😂😂

@ClockEndJackk: We had that whole side on strings all pretending to cover their faces hahaha

@GoonerCharles: Second year in a row he’s done this 😂😂😂

@GoonerInDetroit: Don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Tom_Jones_JR: My goalie

@gst_lc: He actually loves it 🤣🤣🤣

@parkerharryy: Top shithousery and I’m all for it. Big Rambo doing the business ⚽️🔴

@KienenNixon: I fucking love him 😂

@chazadev1: Ramsdale lives rent free in there heads 😂😂😂

@always_a_gooner: Get in @AaronRamsdale98

@AshleyElson7: Up the boy rambo love to see it another 🌳 points!!!

@ATA_training: Is it me, or is our keeper so sexy that he brings fans from all clubs to the point of self-pleasuring every match.

@StevenTalbot18: I just love this guy

@NP_AFC88: Shithouse Ramsdale 👏🏻😂

@sam16218: Has to be the top shithouse in the league @AaronRamsdale98

@TheRealGrifff: Hahahahaha i fucking love him 😂😂 absolutely rattled

@_Gooner49: Most likable bloke at the club, fucking love him 😂

@CruMster666: Gave it him all game. Got it back in spades. Good lad.

@hjmaddock : Giving it socks! Ya love to see it 😂😂😂

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