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‘A team of smurfs’ – Paul Warne hits back at Paul Ince’s comments after Rotherham beat Reading

Paul Warne hits back at Paul Ince’s comments after Rotherham beat Reading with all four goals coming in the first half of the fixture.

Millers boss Warne praised his team’s ruthless streak after watching his side go three up by the 15th minute before getting a fourth on the stroke of half time.

Defender Richard Wood opened the scoring in the 7th minute with a floating header from inside the box, going into the far corner of the net.

In the 15th minute, striker Conor Washington got on the end of a long pass from Wes Harding and fired in off the crossbar for a spectacular finish.

Just three minutes later, they found a third when Reading goalkeeper Joe Lumley inexplicably allowed Jamie Lindsay’s effort to squirm through his legs.

Reading conceded a fourth just before the interval when another long ball sailed over their back four and was neatly controlled by striker Chiedozie Ogbene, who with ease rounded Lumley before hitting the ball into an empty net for his second league goal of the season. A second Championship defeat for Reading, Rotherham meanwhile are still unbeaten.

Stunned Reading manager Paul Ince said the Royals had allowed relentless Rotherham, who now have four points from their opening two games, to bully them.

It was the first time Rotherham under Warne have scored four goals in a single game at this level and he described the victory as “a good day at the office”.

“The lads took on the game-plan really well and to go in 4-0 at half time was a joy,” he added. “I am really pleased, although there are things we can improve on.

“We defended really well when we had to. I thought we deserved to win; maybe not by four goals but I’m not complaining!

“When we had a chance to score we took it. The goals came at good times. The lads were really ruthless. To pick up points in this league you have to be.”

Ince said: “I said to the lads: ‘You can’t play like that in the first half.’ They got bullied.

“In the first half we didn’t fight. We let everybody down. We have got to fight for the fans who came. The decision-making was diabolical.”

“We lost 4-0 because we weren’t at it in the first half,” he said. “Joe is going to win us more points than he costs us because he’s a top-class ‘keeper.”

Paul Warne replied on hearing Paul Ince saying the Royals had been bullied: “I’m buzzing. That’s good. I played with a team of smurfs. They’re not the biggest. If they have bullied Reading that says something good about the little guys.”

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Twitter users gave their reaction on the game and as Paul Warne hits back at Paul Ince’s comments after Rotherham beat Reading…

@coachtonymee: Ince really needs to look closer to home here! I saw not evidence of “bullying” yesterday. RUFC weren’t overly aggressive in the game, didn’t harass the officials, used the ball well and defended reasonably well. If anything he should be asking why his team were so passive. Why they switched off at set pieces, why their high back line was a poor tactic against Rotherham’s pace. 2 of the most aggressive PL midfield players running the Reading team but “they got bullied”? Find a mirror Mr Ince.

@abs_rufc: Paul Ince is a prick ain’t he 🤣 enjoy your second half clean sheet xxx

@paultsenior: Must admit Paul Ince has got a cheek, considering the way he used to put himself about on the pitch 😂 Reading were outplayed, out thought & out fought, END OF 👍

@deanorufc1: I’d also say out-footballed too, presume the weak as piss comments were reference to his lads diving? 😫. We smashed ’em all over the park and showed we can play a bit in this league. 2 men on Ogbene all afternoon and they hadn’t a clue. UTM

@justjack18711: ‘We kEpT a ClEaN sHeEt In ThE sEcOnD hAlF 🫠🫠🫠

@tony_styles: Wheeling out the long ball, direct, aggressive excuses….. non of which we played today. Far better footballing side and played them of the park. Particularly in the first half

@frost3320: That’s very lacklustre from Ince, we are not addressing conceding early and even he seems out of ideas. Yes we are hit with injuries but you have to question the set up when we get hammered. It’s no where near good enough, no fight like against Cardiff, poor all round today

@deanorufc1: “We knew was coming from Rotherham they get it and just go long and we prepped for it all week” – Probs why you got spanked to be fair. We don’t even have a target man fit. Poor management and prep.

@MightyMillers20: Aye we went long Paul we two strikers that’s about 4ft 2 🤦 you got a footballing lesson

@coachtonymee: Totally disingenuous comment in my opinion. Rotherham have adapted their style over the last couple of seasons and were better in nearly all areas of the pitch! Still got caught in wide areas a bit too much and gave Reading too many shots in the first half but good performance.

@kevjohnson77: What an utter bell cheese he is, bullied them and he knew what we would do. Clearly not Incey lad as we schooled ya

@Sammy_Tux: Paul Ince has got to be one of the worst managers around! Reading will only get worse with him #ReadingFC

@cambridgemiller: Paul Ince was a great player but god knows how he still gets manager gigs! #rufc #rfc

@PickeringMaz: Why do these ex big player now managers always have to come up with some lame excuse just because we are a smaller club that’s just whooped their arses. C’mon ince just take it like a man!!!!

@Dan_the_owl: ‘We kept a clean sheet’ – If you completely ignore the 4 first half goals Paul you’re absolutely right 🤷‍♂️😂

@joshcarpenter93: “They just get it and go long” that analysis is exactly why you’ve just been spanked, thanks for coming #rufc

@WRufc01: What a bell end. Probably fuming his son was wank

@leanne_longden: 4-0 at half time.. “bullied by them” – up them millers 🙌🙌🙌

@corden_blur88: Give over fella, the referee had more touches than your midfield and he didn’t fall for Shane Long’s premier league antics, soundly beaten

@gelliott98: Comical 😂

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