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9th tier club announce subtle name and crest change after winning promotion

9th tier club Wythenshawe Amateurs announce a subtle name and crest change after winning promotion to the NWCFL Premier Division.

Wythenshawe Amateurs FC will be known as Wythenshawe FC in June 2023, changed for the second time since its founding in 1946.

The club were formed as Wythenshawe Lads’ Club, but dropped Lads’ Club for Amateurs three years later in 1949.

They will have a local derby next season against Wythenshawe Town, with the two clubs now in the same division as each other. Just 2.5 miles separate each other.


The club have made a subtle change to their name and this has reflected in a new club crest being released.

Wythenshawe Amateurs Football Club can announce the club has been renamed Wythenshawe Football Club from June 2023.

The name change comes on the back of a successful season which saw the club lift the North West Counties First Division South title and gain promotion to the NWCFL Premier Division for the first time in its history.

This will be the second time in the club’s history that our name has been changed. The first occurred in 1949 when we became Wythenshawe Amateurs Football Club from Wythenshawe Lads’ Club – our original name from being founded three years earlier.

Despite the change to our name, we want to make one thing clear, we will remain ‘The Ammies’.

Now to our new crest. The name change means we have made subtle changes to our crest, originally designed by former goalkeeper Tex Morris in the 1970s.

We believe the importance of keeping the crest as close to our original identity is paramount. As a result, we have only changed the wording in and around the crest.

The abbreviation of our former name W.A.F.C, which featured inside the red ribbon on our original crest, has now been replaced with 1946 – the year we were founded.

In addition, our new name, Wythenshawe FC, will now be placed below the crest in a curved font.

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Wythenshawe manager Shane Goldrick spoke after he won the North West Counties First Division South Manager of the Year award for the 2022/23 season.

He said, as per the club website: “It’s been an amazing year. It’s been a long season but to win the league and see the pride in the faces of all involved with the club is amazing, and that’s exactly why you do the job.

“This award is down to the efforts of the players, volunteers, fans, board members and all involved with the club. It wouldn’t have been possible without their assistance.”

Goldrick hopes they can build on the success of last season and also expresses his excitement of working with new Chairman Sacha Lord, while continuing to work with Vice-Chairman Carl Barratt.

“The club are building on last season’s success and plans are in place to move us forward with the appointment of Sacha Lord as Chairman and the direction of Carl Barratt alongside him. I’m looking forward to the year ahead.”

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This is what fans had to say as the 9th tier club announce a subtle name and crest change after winning promotion…

@GoodbyeGramsci: I’d be absolutely fuming about this if I was fan.

Fergus Black: But forever Ammies! Then why change your name 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lisa Bolshaw: Looks great. 👍

James Odell: Very poor and lazy. So much could of been done with the badge and it’s not happened. Not liking it at all. I find it bland and lazy

Roy Anthony Bebbington: Still could have left it at WAFC for me

Michael Newton: Looks mint 😎 onwards and upwards

Tuck Tuckinson: Can’t please everyone. Makes sense dropping the ‘amateurs’ to reflect the clubs progress 👌🏾.
Up the am…….. Wythenshawe 👍🏾

Colm Meaney: Brilliant!

Judith Sterlini: True to the origins and values 👍

Jason Lee: rather like it, looks proper, just glad its not another circle crest

Tim White: I think its rather smart

Paul Simpson: Good to see amateurs dropped, think its needed especially after promotion, looks better too should club get into NPL

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