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99 year old non league club saved from closure thanks to dentists donation

A 99 year old non league club have been saved from closure thanks to a dentists incredible donation following appeals this week.

Northern League side Billingham Synthonia, who was the launch pad for Brian Clough, avoid “certain closure” after receiving the vital funding needed to help it survive.

The Synners were founded in 1923 and are now set to celebrate their 100th anniversary next year, however those plans were looks unlikely a week ago when their main investor pulled out leaving them in a perilous position of going under.

But the Teesside club have now received the gap in funding they needed thanks to Queensway Dental Group. and can finally breath a sigh of relief.


Queensway Dental group have filled the gap in funding to save their local football club from the brink of extinction.

Billingham Synthonia faced certain closure, just a year short of its centenary when its main source of income pulled its funding. Following a public appeal, Queensway Dental, Queensway Orthodontics and Queensway Laboratory based in Billingham came together to donate £10,000 and help save the club ahead of its 100-year anniversary.

Founded in 1923, billingham synthonia were named after an agricultural fertiliser, synthonia being a contraction of “Synthetic ammonia” – a product manufactured by ici. They have remained a stalwart in the northern league ever since.

Queensway dental group employs approximately 140 members of staff from partners to dental technicians across its Billingham sites, providing a range of different services, from general dentistry to cosmetic and orthodontic treatment.

Dr Ian Lane, partner at Queensway Dental, said: “We have certainly not been immune to the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are passionate about helping our community wherever and whenever we can.

“Billingham Synthonia is a well-respected club at the heart of our community and the prospect of our local team’s 99 years of club history abruptly ending meant a great deal to our team members and patients alike.

“We are delighted to be able to help keep the club alive as it continues its footballing journey. We wish the Synners the best of luck for the coming season and beyond.”

Synners chairman Paul Dolan told Teesside Live: “What we have to do now is build on the stability that Queensway have given us and work to secure some more sponsorship for the seasons going forward. We can’t be resting on our laurels now, we have to build as a club.”

While Queensway saved Synners, Dolan was also amazed at the amount of attention to a GoFundMe page launched , with donations coming in from around the world as well as those in the North East community.

Dolan said: “I’m ecstatic. Over the moon.

“From where we were last week when we had the meeting with the players and brought them up to date to where we are now in seven days, the transformation and support especially from Queensway Dental has been immense.

“As chairman you take that burden on. I didn’t sleep much worrying about the end of the season and where we’d go and how we’d get this club to 100 years old.

“I was on my way back from a meeting last week when I got a call from Queensway and they kindly offered us a substantial amount of money to see us through.

“Safe to say it was a good job I was sat down. I don’t mind admitting I did have a tear in my eye when I put the phone down. The sense of relief was overwhelming.”

Twitter users reacted to the news that the 99 year old non league club have been saved from closure thanks to a dentists donation…

@JoeStephenson96: I’m filling up reading this

@triggs14: Surely they’ll get a plaque at the ground.

@BigJohn_67: Not daft fellas, but got to respect the hustle. Pulled everybody’s kegs down and spanked their arses. Hopefully you will return people’s hard earned cash, now Dr Ian has saved the day. Cheers, Big John.

@_SmShphrd: Survived by the skin of your teeth

@joe_willet: Great news for the club and the Area but proper muggy how they’ve handled the full situation to be honest.

@LeeCotton1: All games to now kick off at 2.30.

@GennoeHendrie: Yay! Great news for @Synthonia, one of the biggest and best known names in the @theofficialnl and, indeed, the wider world of #NonLeague football. Well done, @QueenswaySmiles!

@BillericayStu: Just Wonderful, community football at its best

@Stevecathutch: Well done, at least they won’t be extracted from the league.

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