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8th tier player gets stick from fans after posting video of moment he got hit in face by opponent

An 8th tier player gets stick from fans on social media after posting a video of moment he got hit in the face by an opponent mid-game.

AFC Dunstable’s Max Rosner was on the receiving end of a whack by a Barton Rovers player on Thursday night, with Barton going on to win 3-0.

Max Rosner took to Twitter having seen the incident was captured on camera, he wrote: “Didn’t realise I was on a UFC card last night 🥊🫨 @SouthernLeague1”

The result meant that Barton Rovers climb to 15th in the Southern League Central Division table with 35 points from 27 games, while AFC Dunstable are 3rd with 51 points from 31 games played and five points behind leaders Biggleswade Town.

The video has since gone viral, getting over a million views within just a few days, while also getting thousands of likes.

As mentioned, the 8th tier player gets stick from fans after posting video of moment he got hit in face by opponent, others were also more sympathetic of the lad that went down…

@cove123: @BedsFA not a great example @bartonroversfc hope you proud of your player great example to your youth players and sure your sponsors will be happy? #grassrootsfootball

@LazyJam: Looks like he got the ball tbf

@amacagent: Ref & lino temporary blindness shows what a good job you boys are doing if they resort to that table don’t lie 👀

@SGGDAFC: Personally I was there and had a better view of this and he was at least 3 inches from the guys face. Yellow card for simulation should’ve been given 👍🏻

@GeorgeWhitbyH: So Instead of getting him back on the pitch you decided to post it to Twitter and tag the league? 😂 games gone

@CallumNicolson7: KO and you stayed down for the count, had it on evens 🙄

@MJHope1974: Cowardly act, should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself.

@PotnoodIefringe: Went down like a bag of shit, embarrassing

@MitchHalley: Such a coward thing to do but you are classed as ‘soft’ for complaining about it. That’s why the games gone because cock heads like that think they can assault someone.

@Luke73072657: All the cockheads giving him shit are just as embarrassing

@donkeytrev24: Report it to police that’s assault

@sambwfc10: get up soft arse

@blundenm8: This is how you know the games gone, clipping it and tagging the league ffs 😭😭 just get him back later you pum pum

@tenoret25: Why would anyone play this shitty standard of football in their spare time lol

@Jedi1871: Obviously not on, but you gotta be embarrassed going down like a sack of shit

@mancityneil: A six match ban

@zebra100cp: Six matches? Should be assault charges. Just because it happens on the football field doesn’t mean it isn’t a crime.

@Twitsham83: Just get him back later in the game, no?

@Marco_Ross_10: No way that sent him to the ground, yellow for faking an injury

@inhoMCFC: 4 of his teammates saw what happened and a royal rumble didn’t break out? Games gone

@sgodfrey: Someone’s got a lengthy ban coming their way…

@Luke73072657: Fucking hell. Quotes on this are embarrassing. Blokes been smacked in the face and he’s getting more stick then the little cunt who’s had a cheap shot on him

@Gelsthorpe22: All this shows is that lad violated you and you let him have a pint in bar after

@KsOllieU: Fucking hell, I hope that prick gets banned @SouthernLeague1 disgraceful if he isn’t.

@jwayball: How’s he ended up rolling around on the floor 😭

@millerjames10: Soft arse, just do him next time you play 🤣

@wageadr: Everyone saying this is simulation or he needs to ‘soak’ it up are fucking clueless. Clear contact. Clearer intent. Ban the player for little man syndrome if not the act itself.

@DuzzleFc: Talk about getting a little backhand to the face like he’s thrown his nut in and to make it worse you’ve tagged the league, happens in most games in non league everyweek. I reckon smallest cock in the dressing room. #showersinhisboxers

@BenTompkins04_: Some of these comments 😂😂 lino must of been day dreaming

@SeanBurton95: Whatever happened to “see you next game”

@SamBirdyy: Both players should be banned

@Philsta77255960: Was there any Need for this ????

@enak_19: Surely you just stick it on him after the game in the car park 🤣

@00jklfc: gone down like a sack of shite there hahahahahahahha

@murph6210: Why you rolling round on floor you shithouse

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