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8th tier club sacks 21 year old boss after relegation and appoint 4th manager of the season

8th tier club Yaxley sacks 21 year old boss Sammy Mould after relegation was confirmed and appoint their 4th manager of the season.

The Northern Premier League Midlands Division outfit parted company with the youngest manager in the top nine tiers of English football, having been 20 when he was put in charge in January.

The team had one point and although he won his first win of the season quickly, the team lost their place in the division earlier in the month.

Lloyd Burton has been appointed caretaker manager for the remainder of the season.

Yaxley appointed Mould interim manager after Seb Hayes’ very short stint which ended in rather embarrassing circumstances.

Hayes was named as the club’s second boss within a week after Andy Furnell resigned for personal reasons, only to steps away in the same morning. See more on this HERE.

Yaxley are still 18 points behind the bottom table, with five games left to play out.

Last week he said in an interview with BBC Sport that he faced a “near impossible task” to keep the team up when he took over, but the setback would be “character building”.

“I, and the players I brought in, didn’t get Yaxley relegated, the damage had already been done,” Mould said.

“Of course relegation is never nice. However, myself and the group of players joined a club over 20 points adrift.

“This was always going to be a near impossible task as we were needing points, whilst also just getting to know each other and how I work. Considering we had no pre-season, this is unbelievably difficult.

“Regarding the several new faces, no disrespect [to anyone] but that was needed. There is a bedding in period and players are still going through that. [But] Those players have given Yaxley some pride and I believe will continue to do so for the remainder of the season,” Mould, now 21, told BBC Sport.

“My players have been great in terms of being receptive to my ideas. That has led to some positive results, and even in the games we have lost, we have shown some good signs.

“I am very resilient and I see this whole experience as character building, with lots of positives, as well as negatives.

“I’m very excited for the future and maintain that I will manage at the highest level.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is management in semi-pro football is a full-time job. It’s tough and will affect your sleep for sure. However, the end result will always be worth it in my opinion.”

Mould expected to remain in charge for the remainder of the season.

“Me and the club are in discussions currently regarding my position,” he added prior to getting sacked.

“The key is making sure things work for both parties, but it’s a very good football club with lots of good people involved and good facilities.”



With immediate effect and with mutual consent, Yaxley FC has this evening removed Sammy Mould from his position as 1st team manager.

As a management committee we wish Sammy all the best in his next appointment, wherever that may be, and thank him for his time with us.

Also, with immediate effect Lloyd Burton will assume the role as caretaker manager until the end of the current season. We would like to thank Lloyd for taking on this role and hope that everybody will get behind Lloyd and the team for the remainder of the current season.


In recent months there have been several activities that have attracted criticism from members of the club and supporters. Like most small community-based clubs, we are a committee of volunteers, often required to act swiftly to address issues, without experience or precedent, but always aim to act with the club’s best interest at heart.

However, we make mistakes, and we need to be honest enough to admit these and be accountable for these mistakes and our actions.

We also need to provide clarity when there are clear incorrect accusations and misconceptions levelled at us.

To this end we need to clarify that recent appointments, dismissals with some of the managerial and coaching staff have not been made by the committee as a whole.

Decisions on the use of the 3G pitch by other local teams are not made by Yaxley FC and the committee are not consulted. The unique structuring of the facilities here at Yaxley means there are separate companies responsible for the 3G, land and facilities and we do not own or control the use of the 3G. We receive no share of the hiring revenue however the mens first team receive free usage for all home games and training whilst all other YFC teams receive member discounted rates for home games and training.

Lloyd Burton will be responsible for instigating any required rebuilding of the men’s 1- Team with an eye towards the 2023/24 season when we will focus on local players playing for their local club.

Further announcements regarding Lloyd and his coaching appointments will follow as we aim to reset.

The history of this club and the evolution and investment to-date should be understood and valued. We’ll shortly be publishing a timeline of the club’s history and development to show this.

This is what fans said as the 8th tier club sacks the 21 year old boss after relegation and appoint a 4th manager of the season…

@StephLidd1971: Sammy was offered a tough gig and took it on a voluntary basis, producing some creditable performances. He has a positive relationship with the FA who confirmed no conflict of interest with his football contacts business. Best wishes to Lloyd and Yaxley FC with the reset 🙌⚽️🏆

@DarrenClarke75: Congratulations @yaxleyfc, you’ve seen the light, but even better you’ve appointed a proper manager in @burtonhlloyd

@GK1_DA: If you need a manager who’s amazing at football manager give me a shout not everyone can get fylde in to Europe

@northernuproar: Brilliant news. Time to move on from the damage this has caused both to the club and wider afield. Time for everyone to pull together.

@leftywrighty15: Best of luck @burtonhlloyd, hopefully you can swing the club back into a good shape and bring some local players back. Disappointing what’s happened recently but right man for the job.

@Dines_11: Good on the club. Can’t be having a manager call out other teams players on twitter. Poor guy thinks so much of himself so maybe this will knock him down a bit

@PaulDuell2: Best thing for the club he was a complete fraud

@benscriv: @Sammy__Leonard Don’t listen to any of this rubbish lad. Took a club who were rock bottom in the mud and gave it a good go at age 20, you’re absolutely not to blame. Gave the club huge attention they’d never get without you. Let them talk, good experience gained

@daniel_tortoise: Whatever else can be said about this, I think it’s an important step for the club to take to show a genuine intent to rebuild local relations and to try and repair the mistakes of recent months in particular. Good luck Lloyd for the rest of the season, well-deserved.

@Grassroots_Gra: Put this all over @BBCSport you melt! Bloke was a fraud and rated himself so highly, byeeeeeeee.

Sammy moulds a con man, he wears a con man hat
He’s never had a woman, who’s ever loved him back,
He wanted to be a gaffer, since he was very young,
But now he’s got a real job, it’s all gone Focking wrong

@NonLgeNuggets: Banter aside and having given Sammy some warranted stick. It’s not nice to kick the moaning little lad while he’s down, give the guy a break he’s only a babby 👍🏽

@sc0ttst0jan0vic: Totally understandable should learn to treat his 1000+ players better 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Allthebadgesbu1: As predicted all along .. good luck to Yaxley going forward. Let’s hope no other clubs or players go anywhere near this self promoting fraud .

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