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7 Surprising Benefits Football Gives Students

Football is fun and entertaining to play and watch. But not many people know that it has much more benefits to offer besides that. In this article, you’ll find the top surprising benefits of playing football.

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Mental Health

You do not need to be a professional to enjoy the advantages this sport has to offer. One of the major ones is its ability to improve one’s mental health. First of all, any regular physical activity is helpful in this regard.

Secondly, it helps to:

  • Moderate stress by reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels and endorsing endorphin levels;
  • Have a better mood because of hormonal balance and focusing on the game instead of worries;
  • Support one with the social aspect. As a team sport, it offers comradery, social interactions, and the opportunity to make friends;
  • Reduce symptoms of different mental turmoils like traumatic experiences, addiction, depression, anxiety, and emotional neglect.

Because of that, football is great for preventing academic burnout and ensuring students get the best out of their college experience. Academic burnout is a serious issue that can lead to more complications. It is essential for students to find time for themselves and enjoyable activities.

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Time Management

Football practice naturally teaches one how to manage their time better. If you are doing it regularly, you will have to fit it into the schedule. Thus, you’ll need to prioritize tasks, set strict deadlines, and get the most out of the available time.

Some athlete students use scheduling apps and SMART goal-setting techniques to be on top of their responsibilities. Although it might be difficult at first, it allows finding the right balance in life between college, sports, and other spheres.

Physical Health

Sport is good for overall well-being and staying in shape. But some might be surprised by the number of health benefits football has to offer.

For example, it provides:

  • Better endurance and aerobic capacity;
  • Reduction of blood pressure, which contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Opportunity to strengthen bones (increase their density and mass, which lowers the risk of getting bone and joint-related diseases in the future);
  • Increase in muscle flexibility that ensures a lower risk of getting injuries;
  • Ability to develop speed, agility, stamina, and coordination.

It is not cross-training with intervals of slow and fast movements, which trains your heart at different speeds and levels. This is similar to interval training, which is more efficient when it comes to reducing body fat.

Social Skills

Teamwork and social interactions are a huge part of this sport. Without working as a team, athletes won’t be able to perform greatly. One needs to develop bonds with teammates, learn to understand their cues, and become more empathetic.

This builds stronger social skills, including direct and indirect communication. It also ensures one is more knowledgeable in Psychology and has a higher emotional intellect. All of that is useful for all spheres of life, from college education to future employment and personal life.

Football is also great in terms of learning teamwork and collaboration. Every player has their role and area of responsibility. And they need to trust each other to work toward a common goal.

Mental Resilience

Being good at football also requires mental resilience. Behind every victory, there are many tries and fails. One needs to learn to overcome struggles, learn from their mistakes, and adjust to new circumstances. All of that contributes to mental toughness.

Athletes learn how to not give up in times of hardship. Even if all the odds are against you, it is still worth doing your best and aiming at the result. And it is a safe environment to learn that and apply it in your future life.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/iaVTXj9t2bA


As players progress in their skills and performance, they move up the ranks in the team. This allows for building leadership skills. Even if you are not going to be the captain of the team, it is still useful to see a good captain in action.

Leadership requires not only being able to make calls but also taking accountability for them. It is not about taking all responsibility alone but about delegating tasks and supporting your team. These advanced skills are incredibly useful in other parts of life, not only in the field.

Cognitive Function

Another huge advantage of football for students is that it boosts cognitive function. It endorses sharp focus, discipline, and persistence. One learns to concentrate on the core of the game and avoid distractions.

Players need to be always aware of the environment and potential advantageous situations. They need to strategically evaluate the situation on the field and make the best of it. This is not just a fitness activity; it requires analytical thinking, planning, and agility.

This contributes to better cognitive performance, which is helpful for managing your studies or work responsibilities.

In Summary

Football is not only exciting but highly beneficial. It is great for mental and physical well-being. It lowers the risk of several diseases and helps to feel better. Also, it ensures the development of essential skills like teamwork, collaboration, leadership, communication, and discipline. And the best part is that anyone can join, as there are teams and practices for all ages and levels of experience. 

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