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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved During Football Season 

Photo by Omar Ram on Unsplash 

The multiple advantages of involving your child in football make it an activity we should earnestly endorse and work diligently to help them discover a sport they truly love. However, this might not always be as simple as it sounds. You may have to take a more active role in encouraging your child’s participation in football. In light of this, we’ve decided to share some uncomplicated advice today on how to fuel their enthusiasm. 

Promote Enthusiasm and a Spirit of Competition 

Desire needs to go hand-in-hand with a goal and a plan. Assure your child that having a competitive spirit and a hunger for a game or activity they adore is perfectly fine. Foster this enthusiasm by discussing the importance of a positive, competitive attitude. Spend time with your child to establish both immediate and future goals.

Allow your child to explore their competitiveness – the drive and zeal to achieve something. You can boost their confidence by helping them identify what they truly want. If your child doesn’t identify their passion and desire, they may struggle to set the necessary goals for success in sports. 

Sign Up for Sports Classes 

Soccer classes could be an excellent option if you’re uncertain whether your children will take to a sport and are reluctant to register them for a full season. This allows your kids to experience a wide range of youth sports without the commitment of participating in a full season on a tournament team. 

Watch and Learn 

While it may not seem like a physical activity, sitting to enjoy a football match can significantly enhance their abilities. Observing professional football games or highlights with your child is enjoyable and educational, as they can pick up new strategies and techniques. Highlight how their beloved football stars manoeuvre with the ball or utilise the field, and motivate them to emulate these skills in their matches. 

Get Involved 

Football transcends the confines of being merely an observer’s sport. It offers numerous chances for family engagement through physical activities. Tailgating events often feature adults and children of all fitness levels enjoying a game of throw and catch. Instructing your children on how to kick a football not only presents a bonding opportunity through this shared interest but also boosts their self-assurance. This seemingly simple pass-time can evolve into a lifelong interest that persists as they mature. 

Start Early 

Making football a family tradition can be as simple as sparking your children’s enthusiasm for your favourite team. You can start by adorning your little ones in team gear before they’re old enough to choose their own clothes, and by bringing them to games. These are just some effortless ways to immerse them in the spirit of football. As they mature, the enjoyment only amplifies. 

Allow them to select their game day attire as they grow. Utilise match watching opportunities as moments to bond, create lasting memories, and perhaps rehearse a few cheers. To encourage their independent interest, having a team mascot that your child can cheer for can be beneficial. 


While there’s no assurance that your children will develop a fondness for the game, the journey can still be enjoyable. Regardless of the outcome, ensure that the time spent watching the game is memorable. Keep in mind: if they like it, encourage their passion, but refrain from imposing it on them.

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