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5 Most Important Events in Football History

source: http://www.scottishsporthistory.com/uploads/3/3/6/0/3360867/498599_orig.jpg

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This proverb often comes to your mind when you are dying over your homework. It’s extremely difficult to focus on your studies without having some time off. Generally, time off from studies is spent on wild parties that bring relief, but the next day you feel more tired than before. 

Another way of spending your time off is by playing video games. This is also great, but after several hours of a playthrough, you sense your body tingling. There’s a need to move. Lack of physical activity is another reason you may find it challenging to focus on your studies. But you don’t have time to study, play, and work out simultaneously. 

Well, you may manage mixing playing and physical training by participating in sports games. You can link it to your studies as well – you may need to write an essay on your favorite sport! You can always search for some essay help online, so you have time to enjoy the real-life game while professional writers work on your paper. But here’s an idea for your essay:

  • 蹴鞠
  • Ἐπίσκυρος
  • Pasuckuakohowog
  • Kī-o-Rah
  • Tepuk

Most likely, those words say nothing to you. But those were the names of ancient games from different parts of the world, from which football is believed to originate from. Ἐπίσκυρος (Episkyros) is even recognized by FIFA as the early form of football. Thus, if you want to learn football history from the very beginning, you need to dig as deep as the third century BC. 

But that’s not necessary. After all, unless you want to become a football historian, it’s the history of modern football that most people are interested in. And that’s the latter part of the XIXth century. Still, if you want, you can learn a thing or two about football balls being made out of pig’s bladder – it was a common practice throughout Europe for a while. 

  1. Football Becomes Official

Although being played in various forms before the first monotheistic religion was conceived, football became an official game only in the 1860s. On October 26, 1863, the Football Association was established. The Football Association is the oldest football association in history. The establishment of the association made football an official game. 

Before the first meeting of the Football Association, the game was played throughout the world, with rules varying not only from country to country but from region to region. The association established the official rules for the game. It was also in 1863 when the first official football game was played in Mortlake, London. 

Now, with the set rules, the game was quickly gaining popularity. Within the next thirty years, dozens of football matches have been held around the world. The end of the 19th century also saw the official recognition of rugby football and Gaelic football, as well as the implementation of North American football codes. 

  1. Joining the Olympics

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. The sporting event included various activities, including wrestling, cycling, swimming, shooting, and tennis. But football was not included. The International Olympic Committee added football to the list of games only in 1900. The 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris saw the first official football tournament during the sporting event. 

Due to the game being more prevalent among men rather than women for quite a long time, there were only male teams participating in the Olympic Games for almost one hundred years. However, the female teams entered the Olympics in 1996. Since then, both male and female teams can compete in the Olympic Games in separate categories. 

  1. The Creation of FIFA

With football quickly growing in popularity around the world, it was evident by the beginning of the 20th century that an international governing body was required. For quite a long time, the Football Association held various discussions on creating an international body, but with no success. 

In the end, seven European countries, namely France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, created their own international association. On May 21, 1904 the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was established in Paris. Within the next ten years, the association was joined by Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the US. Now it has 211 member countries. 

  1. World Cup

Nowadays, the FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, with an average viewership of final matches ranging from 200 to 800 million people. However, it wasn’t always like that. The idea to hold the first World Cup originated from the fact that football was dropped from the 1932 Olympic Games. 

The Olympics were held in Los Angeles, and due to football not being popular in the US, the International Olympic Committee decided to drop the game from the event. The decision was made two years before the event. In response, FIFA decided to hold the first international football tournament, which is now known as the FIFA World Cup. 


The event took place in Uruguay and included only thirteen countries. Uruguay won the competition over Argentina that year. It was the first time something so grandiose was organized in relation to football. The first World Cup was highly successful. Aside from a pause during World War II, since 1930, the World Cup has been held every four years. 

  1. UEFA Championship

The European Cup was held for the first time in 1955. At the time, only national champion teams were allowed to participate in the knock-out tournament. The first edition of the European Cup included sixteen teams from Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Pilan, Scotland, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, West Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, and France. 

The first European Cup ended up with the Real Madrid dominance that lasted till the end of the early 1960s. The tournament final took place in Parc des Princes with Stade de Reims playing against Real Madrid, culminating with the latter claiming the ultimate victory. 

Final Thoughts

The history of football is extremely rich in exciting events. It includes personal achievements of players, like O’Rey Pele, who’s the first man to score 1000 goals. But the five events mentioned here are the major milestones in the history of modern football, from acquiring official status to becoming one of the most popular games in the world. 

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