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15 Championship clubs threaten to leave from Football League over new TV deal

A report from The Sun this morning claims that 15 Championship clubs are threatening to leave the Football League due their objection to a new TV deal.

From the start of next season, a new five year deal will see the money go up from £90 million a year to £119 million, however Leeds United, Aston Villa and Derby County, the only teams to be named, are unhappy and want more.

The clubs are also concerned about the amount of matches that are being shown on the red button and the internet as it effects the attendances and gate receipts.

The new deal is said to have been backed by League One and Two clubs, their money would go up from £708,000 and £492,000 each to £884,000 and £613,000.

The EFL called a meeting for the full 24 clubs after many refused to sign up, now 15 clubs are threatening to leave if they did not get at least double the money.

Championship clubs have until 4pm a week today to reconsider.

As quoted by The Sun, one Football League chairman said: “I am not completely sure what the agenda of these 15 clubs is but their bullying tactics beggars belief,” one Football League chairman said.

“They are certainly not interested in the wider good of the Football League clubs, only their own situations.

“I am told that the Premier League are not interested in linking up with them and I’m not sure how any new stand-alone league would work.

“What these clubs don’t seem to be taking into account is that 35 per cent of the Sky money is for the Carabao Cup and they won’t be eligible for that.

“What should have happened is that the League should have told these clubs to get lost, as the League One and Two clubs could vote this deal through anyway, but I think they preferred to keep everybody happy, talk it over, and this is the result.

“Hopefully, these clubs will see that their plan is not going to work and the deal will be concluded.”


Football fans have been given their reaction to the reports that have emerged, and some are agreeing that the Championship clubs deserve more money, especially for how often they are shown and how big it is watched around the world, Accrington’s owner also spoke out – take a look at what they are saying on the next page.


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