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14 year old Nottingham Forest vlogger traumatised by ‘aggressive’ Chelsea steward

A 14 year old Nottingham Forest vlogger has been left traumatised after an ‘aggressive’ Chelsea steward stopped him trying to film.

The youngster, was attending his side’s FA Cup fixture with his 18 year old brother and was filming outside Stamford Bridge for his award-winning YouTube channel, but he ended up having his bag confiscated and was ‘manhandled’ by the Premier League club’s security.



Forest fan Max Hayes went to the match but unfortunately ended up not doing his video for his followers, and informed them of what happened, it read: “You’re all probably wondering why I was unable to do a video at Chelsea today, well where do I even start! Due to my Dad being really poorly, I travelled to the game with my older brother and his mate. We planned to do a video and were excited to make a vlog, at one of the biggest football clubs in England.

“As we started to film the intro (quietly and respectfully) outside the main gate, we were approached by a supervisor steward. The bloke was very aggressive, and shouted we couldn’t film at this location due to previous problems with Youtubers. We politely apologised and presumed it was because of a large number of Chelsea fans in the surrounding area.

“We then made our way to a quieter end with less fans and asked two stewards for permission just in case we couldn’t film there too. Then to our shock, as we were filming, the same steward came at us all hell for leather and man-handled me, my brother and his friend. He dragged me by the scruff of the neck very aggressively (a 14 year old innocent fan) into an interrogation room and make it clear that we would not be allowed in the stadium.

“After explaining what I do with my YouTube and how I have also worked with Nottingham Forest (always strictly observing the ‘No Game Footage Rule’, the head security officer confiscated our bag. We explained we wanted to take the matter further and discuss this with the police, after the steward virtually assaulted me. The police were called in and explained nothing would happen if we reported the incident and the head of security made it clear that if we tried to take it further we would miss the game!

“We have decided to take this to Twitter to explain the incident and how disgusted we are at the security at Chelsea Football Club. As a family we have been to multiple away grounds and have never had a problem with filming and doing what I love, and we’re therefore in complete shock at the brutal and unprofessional staff at Stamford Bridge. Are Chelsea Football Club really that frightened of letting supporters give their views? The whole incident ruined the day out for us, and I am still traumatised after the event with a sore shoulder to prove it!”

The young lad’s family said they were considering making a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police over the incident.

The Metropolitan Police said stewards “have an important role in stadium safety”, but any action “must be appropriate and proportionate”.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust said said: “We would like Max to know that Chelsea supporters are very disappointed to read his account of what happened and would like to offer heartfelt apologies to him on behalf of all of the decent and fair-minded followers of our club.”

After finding out about what happened to Max, football fans as well as journalists and BBC Radio 5 live presenter Colin Murray took to Twitter to give their support to the Youtuber – find out what they all had to say on the next page.


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