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14 year old boy killed as fans and riot police clash after France beat Morocco in World Cup

A 14 year old boy has sadly been killed as fans and riot police clash after France beat Morocco in Wednesday’s World Cup semi final.

A hatchback waving a French flag ran down the teen in Montpellier, with a group of people trying to grab the flag while walking down Rue de la Mosson.

The driver suddenly makes a U-turn and goes straight into the boy, before driving off.

Local authorities confirmed that the boy died tragically after a car crashed into him in the chaos of the city.

A spokesman for the Hérault government said: “A young boy was violently hit on Wednesday evening in Montpellier by a car following the semi-final match of the World Cup.

“He was transferred to hospital in an absolute emergency. He died shortly after receiving medical care.”

The vehicle was reported to have been found near the police station and officers are now conducting an urgent investigation.

Fireworks were pelted at cops in Paris as thousands of people poured into the streets celebrating France’s victory over Morocco 2-0. They will now face Argentina in the final.

The shocking clip shows chaotic scenes of riot police officers being bombarded with fireworks by fans before they were forced to flee.

Another footage from the French capital shows police fighting back fans who set off flares at Champs Elysees.

As hundreds of cars passed the crowds, rowdy fans sang and waved flags out the windows.

Le Parisien reports that 115 arrests were made in Paris by French police officers on Thursday morning.

Surprising footage was also captured in Montpellier, France, showing fans throwing chairs, fireworks, and rocks at the riot cops and climbing the iconic fountain.

As fireworks were scattered across a square, people could be seen running for cover.

French fireworks also bombarded Lyon’s riot cops, sparking clashes between Nice fans and chaos on the streets.

The Sun report how after scuffles broke out in Brussels, police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

After the unrest, dozens were reported to have been arrested in Brussels.

France is home to approximately 1.5 million Moroccans.

It happened after thousands of police officers descended upon Paris in preparation for civil war to erupt.

After desperate calls from officials 10,000 French police officers were mobilized across France, including 5,000 in Paris.

Police set up checkpoints in order to search for fireworks and flares among fans.

Parisian shop owners and residents were also worried about the possible carnage.

More than 20,000 fans, fueled by adrenaline, flooded the street after Morocco’s win over Portugal last week.

Hooligans and police were involved in a series of violent clashes. They fired tear gas and were charged multiple times.

Numerous shops were damaged and cars set on fire. 100 people were arrested.

Some residents have been divided by the French colonial history in Morocco.

The French Protectorate in Morocco was the name given to the African nation between 1912 and 1956.

France retains some influence in the country, despite being granted independence. This causes some resentment among the population.

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This is how fans reacted with a 14 year old boy killed as fans and riot police clash after France beat Morocco in the 2022 World Cup…

@grimsr3ap3r79: Absolutely deplorable behavior over a game.

@Shabba4456: Not like the French Riot police to get involved 🤔

@jgoode1980: Probably be blamed on the English somehow

@Louis__isiah: I said it would be a warzone …

@TheBardOfAnlaby: What has the west become, eh? It’s tragic.

@ModzzGG: State of it. Embarrassing

@JustSayNope: Sport ‘bringing people together’ to murder each other over a stupid game…

@FranciscoCaessa: And so it begins

@Paolomc84: Why do they have to ruin it 🫤

@phillyfansince8: This is disgusting. It’s a fucking game! It is a sport!

@iMattBell: Reasonable response 🤦🏻

@melie_mel92: Sad for this poor kid but not surprised about the clash!! I’m French and I hate what France has become. Well done for winning though…

@gavhanson: The armpit of Europe 🤢

@leehayward1970: Tragic. But imagine if this had been England fans.

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