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14 proposed shortlisted stadiums listed as UK and Ireland submit dossier bid to host Euro 2028

14 proposed shortlisted stadiums have been listed as the UK and Ireland submit a dossier bid to host UEFA Euro 2028, confirmed by the FA.

A total of 14 stadiums have been included in the bid by the FAI and its English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts to host Euro 2028 – with that number to be trimmed down to just 10 by next April.

The five associations on Wednesday submitted their Preliminary Bid Dossier to UEFA, setting out their vision for the tournament under the banner – ‘Football for all. Football for good. Football for the future’.

This key development comes 24 hours after the government gave the green light to the Irish side of the bid, which sports minister Jack Chambers claimed could cost up to €135m, but would bring in around €361m to the Irish economy.


The UK & Ireland Bid to host UEFA EURO 2028 has today submitted our Preliminary Bid Dossier – a key moment in UEFA’s campaign process.

The bid sets out our clear and compelling vision for UEFA EURO 2028: ‘Football for all. Football for good. Football for the future’.

Key to this vision is a commitment to diversity, social purpose and innovation in delivering an outstanding UEFA EURO 2028 that will create unforgettable memories in sold-out, iconic stadia in famous football cities known throughout the world.

We are delighted that Government Partners of the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and officials in Northern Ireland, support this bid.

Together, we believe we can deliver a world-class tournament, and that hosting UEFA EURO 2028 will achieve a strong and sustainable legacy for football and wider society, helping to drive economic growth in local communities.

Working with UEFA, our plan is to host a tournament that will be a catalyst for transformational grassroots football development – with a promise to share legacy initiatives with European National Associations to accelerate growth across the continent.

The UK and Ireland’s track record of hosting successful major sporting events over many decades means we have the expertise and experience to take this world-class tournament to new heights.

Our compact plan and pioneering, multi-partner collaboration can usher in a new era for the EURO. Through the latest digital and marketing innovations, we will help UEFA and its partners engage new audiences and the world’s youth to extend the impact and reach of the tournament further than ever before.

Our stadia concept includes a proposed shortlist of 14 venues in famous sporting cities known throughout the world, including destinations that are home to clubs with great European football history and heritage. The plan ensures that all our proposed cities and stadia are connected by direct, quick and sustainable travel links and accommodation that will provide an unrivalled experience for teams and fans.

The proposed shortlisted cities and stadia are:

1. Birmingham – Villa Park
2. Liverpool – Everton Stadium
3. London – London Stadium
4. London – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
5. London – Wembley Stadium
6. Manchester – City of Manchester Stadium
7. Newcastle – St James’ Park
8. Sunderland – Stadium of Light
9. Trafford – Old Trafford
10. Dublin – Dublin Arena
11. Dublin – Croke Park
12. Belfast – Casement Park Stadium
13. Glasgow – Hampden Park
14. Cardiff – National Stadium of Wales

Consultations with cities and stadia will continue into next year with a final list of ten stadia to be submitted to UEFA in April 2023. We now look forward to engaging with UEFA and listening and learning from the European football family to develop our bid plans further.



Milton Keynes missed out on the list of 14 venues for a draft British Isles bid for the 2028 European Championship because the League One club’s stadium is deemed too small, Telegraph Sport report.

A 30,000 capacity has been deemed too small for what it has subsequently been confirmed will be a 24-team tournament.

The decision not to expand the Euros to 32 countries also means four more venues in England now face being axed from a final bid dossier featuring 10 grounds to be submitted by the 12th of April.

Those four will include one of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and London Stadium, two of Old Trafford, the Etihad and Bramley Moore Dock and one of St James’ Park and the Stadium of Light to ensure the 51-match event is staged across multiple regions.

Wembley, which will host the final, and Villa Park are the only English grounds now certain to host games if the British bid is successful when the Euro 2028 hosts are chosen in September.

Casement Park is selected ahead of Windsor Park as Northern Ireland’s proposed venue, with both requiring significant redevelopment to reach the minimum 30,000 capacity required for Euros fixtures.

UEFA announced in 2021 that any bid would require one stadium of at least 60,000 capacity, one or two of at least 50,000 capacity, four of at least 40,000 capacity and three of at least 30,000 capacity.

The British Isles bid had been expected to be unchallenged ahead of March’s deadline for national associations to confirm their interest in staging the event, though Turkey and Russia made shock declarations.

The Russian bid was blocked over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, while the Turkish made repeated attempts to bring major sporting events to the country, but that has proved unsuccessful.

A British Isles bid for Euro 2028 was launched after plans to try to win the right to host the 2030 World Cup were scrapped over fears the latter was doomed to fail.

Fans reacted to the 14 proposed shortlisted stadiums listed as UK and Ireland submit a dossier bid to host Euro 2028…

@deanlynch13: Forget Hampden – Celtic Park or Ibrox would be far better.

@Roosputin: Why is London Stadium in that list? Terrible stadium for football. Should surely be the Emirites if you need more than two London stadia.

@KaneP1111: London stadium with all of the stadiums available? 😂 horrible decision.

@WVintageColours: North East hub of Newcastle & Sunderland. Airport, brilliant transport links between the 2 cities, both stadiums are 49k and above, loads of hotel accommodation in both cities. Exciting stuff.

@ExileAryui: Not one Yorkshire stadium! Disgrace

@mattbrown50: No Stadium MK actually surprises me a bit

@PFCAlf: Come on lads wheres the real one give us fratton park

@davelewis22: London Stadium. Give me strength. 🤦‍♂️

@DippyDon_95: Milton Keynes has been robbed

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