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11th tier club put together Championship dream team with trio of surprise signings

11th tier club Doncaster City put together what fans dubbed to be a Championship dream team with a trio of surprise signings.

They’re a club on the rise, currently sitting 2nd in the Central Midlands League North Division with 48 points from 18 games played, and on Saturday afternoon, won 3-1 at home against leaders Dearne & District, who are 7 points clear at the top with 55 points from 20 played.

In 2022, agent Willie McKay formed Doncaster City, which was initially admitted to the Sheffield & Hallamshire County Senior Football League for the 2022–23 season. They emerged as champions of Division Two during their debut season.

However, after just one season, they decided to withdraw from the league and instead opted to join the Central Midlands Alliance for the 2023–24 season.

Their pursuit of national recognition took an intriguing turn when they made a request to participate in the Scottish Cup. See more on that and their new stadium ambitions HERE.

They aimed to exploit a loophole by arguing that Doncaster was still considered a part of Scotland due to the Treaty of Durham, which had never been officially revoked.

Doncaster City currently groundshares with Armthorpe Welfare, and played to a bumper crowd at that level of football, when beating Dearne & District in front of 844 fans.

And now they have gain attention of the football world again when they announced the signings of Charlie Mulgrew, Ross McCormack and Wes Hoolahan.

Mulgrew, McCormack and Hoolahan all made their debuts at the weekend, with goals from Gashi, Howcroft and Evans-Booth inflicting Dearne & District their first defeat of the season.


Youth career

Senior career
2001–2005 – Shelbourne
2005–2006 – Livingston – 19 games (0 goals)
2007–2008 – Blackpool – 99 games (16 goals)
2008–2018 – Norwich City – 352 games (54 goals)
2018–2019 – West Bromwich Albion – 10 games (0 goals)
2019–2020 – Newcastle Jets – 5 games (0 goals)
2020–2022 – Cambridge United – 64 games (8 goals)
2024– Doncaster City – 1 game (0 goals)

International career
2002–2003 – Republic of Ireland U21 – 9 games (1 goal)
2007 – Republic of Ireland B – 1 game (0 goals)
2008–2017 – Republic of Ireland – 43 games (3 goals)


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1999–2005 – Celtic

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2005–2006 – Celtic
2006 → Dundee United (loan) – 14 games (2 goals)
2006–2008 – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 9 games (0 goals)
2008 → Southend United (loan) – 20 games (1 goal)
2008–2010 – Aberdeen – 83 games (10 goals)
2010–2016 – Celtic – 207 games (28 goals)
2016–2021 – Blackburn Rovers – 109 games (27 goals)
2019–2020 → Wigan Athletic (loan) – 13 games (0 goals)
2020–2021 → Fleetwood Town (loan) – 23 games (1 goal)
2021–2023 – Dundee United – 50 games (3 goals)
2024- Doncaster City – 1 game (0 goals)
Total – 510 games (72 goals)

International career
2007–2008 – Scotland U21 – 11 games (2 goals)
2012–2019 – Scotland – 44 games (3 goals)


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Rangers SABC
2002–2005 – Rangers

Senior career
2004–2006 – Rangers – 14 games (4 goals)
2006 → Doncaster Rovers (loan) – 19 games (5 goals)
2006–2008 – Motherwell – 57 games (14 goals)
2008–2010 – Cardiff City – 88 games (30 goals)
2010–2014 – Leeds United – 158 games (58 goals)
2014–2016 – Fulham – 100 games (42 goals)
2016–2019 – Aston Villa – 24 games (3 goals)
2017 → Nottingham Forest (loan) – 7 games (1 goal)
2017–2018 → Melbourne City (loan) – 17 games (14 goals)
2018–2019 → Central Coast Mariners (loan) – 5 games (1 goal)
2019 → Motherwell (loan) – 4 games (0 goals)
2020–2021 Aldershot Town
2023 Liversedge
2024- Doncaster City

International career
2006–2008 – Scotland U21 – 10 games (3)
2007 – Scotland B – 1 game (0)
2008–2016 – Scotland – 13 games (2)

New plans including building a “hub of football for the North of England” in Bawtry.

The spokesperson added: “When teams coming from abroad or fly up north a lot of the time they are staying at hotels where there’s a lot of distractions.

“The idea is that everything is in one place and they can fly into Doncaster Sheffield Airport.”

The plans include indoor and outdoor training pitches, accommodation, entertainment facilities and places to eat, the spokesperson said.

The site will also be the home of Doncaster City, who released a video of the proposed designs.

“Work on the pitch we are going to use has already started,” said the spokesperson.

“The complex depends on planning permission. We have got a meeting at the end of the month regarding that.”

Discussing Doncaster City’s plans for the future, the spokesperson said: “To get as high as they can. A lot of people on Twitter from various teams say it will never happen but it’s been done before.

“We have got a bit of an advantage in terms of people known to the club.”

“It’s not going to be an overnight thing but there is no point not having ambition with these sorts of things.

“It’s not just about Doncaster City, it’s for the profile of Doncaster and Doncaster sport. I think people should be behind it.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing 11th tier club Doncaster City put together a ‘Championship dream team’ with trio of surprise signings…

@EflSimpsons: So I didn’t dream that. Doncaster might need to be aware of low level fencing around houses for one of those signings…

@NotCellium: Surely them players must’ve just been bored on a saturday and thought “fuck it, it’ll be a laugh”

@Leon45699: * Checks Doncaster City’s next fixture *

@ehimen_junior: Doncaster City were formed in 2022 and play in the 11th. Look at the pull they have already.

@ArtetaBaII: this is like in FM when you sign a load of players above your level because you can only offer contracts of £0 a week

@flyhsuk: Somebody explain what’s happening at Doncaster?

@adamnich: More to the point who are Doncaster City FC 😅

@_tedlfc: Who is letting 11th tier Doncaster City make a Championship Dream Team😭😭

@tommowalkerrr: I know I am I’m sure I am I’m Doncaster City FC till I die

@PargeyBCAFC: Haha what on earths going on here

@ChrisRix15: Real loyalty to the 4 lads that will get dropped today so you can blow 10k on appearance fees to try and get back in the race… it’s making a mockery of the league this.

@adam_major1: Amazing what happens when your club is ran by a dodgy football agent 🤣

@paulc2386: Someone’s an FM veteran ! Signing all the golden oldies for one last push! Always worked for me 😂

@jackmc20: Doncaster city over 35s

@Denton_james: We are all Doncaster city fans

@SfcAlex__: Wtf are Doncaster City on

Ross McCormack
Wes Hoolahan
Charlie Mulgrew
Doncaster City are having a better transfer window than us 😂

@Daveified: What the hell is going on at Doncaster City, seen so many 2010s players going there on my feed for some reason. Like real life FM

@GiallorossiBlue: Charlie Mulgrew signing for Doncaster City? 👀 I’ll be keeping an eye on their results now!

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