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10th tier club make headlines after unveiling official ‘cheese’ home kit

10th tier club Cheddar AFC make the headlines after unveiling their official ‘cheese’ home kit for the 2023/24 season earlier this month.

The Somerset based side has agreed a new sponsorship deal with a dairy free vegan cheese alternative called ‘Cheddarton’, taking its name from the football team’s hometown, is made by vegan cheese brand, Violife.

This new sponsorship sees the team, known as The Cheesemen, play in a strip with a design of just cheese with players set to take part in a training session with Karen Carney, who has been vegan for five years.

Cheddar are currently members of the Western League Division One and play their home matches at Bowdens Park.

Last season they finished 18th out of 22 teams, picking up 39 points from 42 games.

Cheddar AFC 2023-24 ‘Cheese’ Kit


A spokesman for Violife, who have commissioned research as part of the launch of its dairy-free Cheddarton “cheese”, said, as per the Mirror: “The idea of switching to a vegan diet can seem like a big leap, and clearly many are worried about how they would feel without some of their favourite foods.

“But going plant-based doesn’t have to mean you no longer get to enjoy them.”

Violife conducted a survey study of 2,000 adults, who eat meat and dairy in their diets, and found that 69% wouldn’t consider going vegan with 57% saying they would miss their favourite non-vegan foods too much.

Karen Carney who was part of the kit launch, said: “I turned vegan in 2018 and noticed the positive change immediately, both in my health and performance on the football pitch when playing for both club and country.

“The perception of the plant-based diet is that you will miss out on certain foods – but thankfully Violife means I never miss out on my cheesy favourites, like pizza and cheese on toast.”

Cheddar AFC 2023-24 ‘Cheese’ Home Shirt

Cheddar AFC 2023-24 ‘Cheese’ Kit

Kieran Webster, Captain of Cheddar AFC, said: “Living and growing up in Cheddar, cheese is in the players’ blood. We know what’s key to making the cheesiest, gooiest dishes around – so if we can go plant-based, switching Cheddar for Cheddarton, anyone can!”

Cairney posted a video on Instagram, saying: “So excited to share that I’ve teamed up with @violife_foods to bring together my two greatest passions: football + plant-based life. 🧀⚽🌿

“To celebrate the release of Cheddarton, I headed down to Cheddar AFC a few weeks back, where Violife have become the official shirt sponsor, to meet the squad for a training session and chat about how my switch to a plant-based lifestyle has improved my performance.

“Research found that 7/10 Brits would never go vegan as they love cheese, so myself and Violife wanted to demonstrate that if these guys can go plant-based, anyone can!🌟🏆 #PlantPoweredPlay #CheddarAFC #Cheddarton #violife”

30% of all those polled reckon they could happily live without meat, almost two-thirds (61%) do not feel they could live without cheese.

56% think it is “hard” to be vegan, and 23% of all plant-based diets end due to the irresistibility of cheese.

But, despite the reluctance of some to switch to a plant-based diet, 20% of those polled, via OnePoll, admitted it is better for the environment.

19%  said animal welfare was a convincing reason to go vegan.

69% said cheese is an essential part of their diet – with pizza, cheese on toast, and lasagne making up respondents’ favourite cheesy dishes.

Of those polled, 60% believe sportspeople need meat and dairy as part of their diet.

Roast dinner
Milk (Dairy)
Fish and chips
Fish – Tuna, Salmon etc
Sausages, sausage rolls etc 

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This is what fans are saying as the 10th tier club make headlines after unveiling an official ‘cheese’ home kit…

@yattongas: Looks a bit Cheesy to me

@zoebarker99: Nah that can’t be real! 😳

@joelpomeroy3: Looks grate…

@rumoodad1983: It’s no easy being cheesy 🤣🤣

@CNinety2: Cheddar AFC releasing a cheese themed kit, how mature 🙄

@Louie_JW_: Poor effort. They could have done feta

@ElCucuysHellBow: That is phenomenally shite 😂😂 I need it!

@RobOMalley8: Looks like the curtains people had in the 1970s

@CovIam: I quite like the shirt, tbh. Different shorts, and that looks reasonable.

@ChatShirt: I Camembert it. 🤮

@The_Kitsman: Briely bad

Karen Heal: Absolutely brilliant day with everyone involved, we may not be all vegans but it’s certainly an eye opener and very tasty

@j_lucas88: Congratulations on the worst kit of the season cheddar fc 👏👏

Jason Lee: now this is rather different, reminds me of the sausags themed kits Bedale did for years and years, while they look strange, they are bound to sell, love it haha english football for you

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