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10th tier club have their dugouts vandalised just six hours after they were delivered

10th tier club Winslow United have their dugouts vandalised just six hours after they were delivered to their stadium in July.

At 3:49pm on the 19th of July, Winslow wrote: “Thanks to @eastwestrail for our new dugouts! It’s the start of what is hoped to be a series of ground improvements.”

Then at 6:52pm on the same day, he added: “And it’s a record. Within 6 hours of them being delivered, the dugouts have already been vandalised. Unfortunately Winslow is home to some utter morons.”

Speaking to Ollie Bayliss, chairman Andy Setterfield said: “We’ve got the stand. We’ve had probably five or six seats that have been broken and all the frames have been pulled out, so we’ve got to replace all of those dugouts graffiti.

“The benches have all been burnt, the dugouts around the corner that have just literally been sort of knocked over and used as something.

“We’ve had a little cupboard that we keep all our balls in. The doors were kicked in a few weeks ago and a bag of balls taken, so, yeah, it’s all interesting stuff that goes on around here.

“East West Rail kindly donated four dugouts. They were delivered and left at the club and probably 6 hours later we found that one of them’s been sort of vandalised and smashed.

“So you go from sort of the adulation, really, or the great donations that we get from a local company to sitting there thinking something else that we’ve got to try and find money for, for repairing.”

Ollie Bayliss said: “You’re not washed with money. This isn’t the Premier League, this is the 10th tier of English football. Every penny counts.

“And you get something like that, which is great and greatly received. And then suddenly now, what you’ve got to shell out to look at cost of repair?

To which the chairman replies: “Yeah, absolutely. As with all grassroots clubs, it’s got to come out of someone’s pocket. Or fundraising. You’re probably talking of 200, 300 pounds to get it repaired.

“That’s got to come from somewhere. We’ve got seats in the stand that have been vandalised and broken, so they’ve got to be replaced again to keep up with all the ground gradings that we’ve got to have.

“So, yeah, it’s a never ending task, really, fundraising to cover all these sorts of costs.”

Ollie adds: “It’s a nice town, Winslow. It’s a nice town in the middle of leafy Buckinghamshire. It’s not the sort of place you’d expect to have such an issue with anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

AS replies: “No, you wouldn’t. But I think anywhere it happens, isn’t it?

“I know. Funny enough, a few days after our dugouts got damaged, I think it was Pitstone and Ivinghoe again, they’ve had the same similar sorts of dugouts that have been smashed.

“I personally wouldn’t have thought that sort of area would have it, but it is what it is, unfortunately. Doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always going to be somebody finds it funny to do something, but they don’t actually think about the consequences or the costs in the fact that someone’s got to pay for it.”

OB: “What’s the answer? Is there anything you can do? Security, CCTV? Is there any way there is CCTV up here that the town council put up probably about eight or nine months ago?”

AS: “Again, that’s part of what we’re trying to it’s not something that we have access to, but we’ve asked for access just to look at from a point of view of the vandalism to see if we can actually find out who it was.

“The other thing we are exploring is whether we can get the ground fenced off a bit more so that it still allows public access but at least keeps our facilities more secure towards the end of pre season.

OB: “Preparing for a busy season.Of course, this isn’t ideal. Things like this don’t necessarily help with that. But on the footballing side of things, I saw you score three against Aylesbury United last week.

“Things seem to be going well on the pitch.”

AS: Yeah, I think probably for the first time we’ve got the same management team for the second season and that’s sort of proved in terms of this playing squad has stayed the same.

“We’ve managed to, I think, only lose one player. We’ve gained two or three additions to the squad.

“Preseason so far has gone well. Not necessarily the results, but certainly the performances have been there.”

OB: “And crowds as well. There’s 150 on Friday. Expecting another good crowd today and all the money from that helps.

“It’s four pounds to come through the gates if you’re an adult, but all the money adds up, especially when you’re dealing with issues.”

AS: “Absolutely.I mean, it’s what we need. We need the crowds, we need the support to A) to keep the club afloat and B), to cover the costs that we’re going to incur with vandalism or damage throughout the season.”

Fans reacted as the 10th tier club have their dugouts vandalised just six hours after they were delivered…

@Field_83: Some sad sad people out there

@fitnessstories: That’s rotten luck and completely unacceptable behaviour.

@Deano4x8: This is so depressing. The argument that kids have nothing better to do, can only go so far. When it comes to mindless vandalism that’s on their upbringing I’m afraid.

@nbhorn1973: I’m so tired of this mindless vandalism that we are constantly having to deal with at the club. If it’s not the existing dugouts, it’s the stand or the hoses used to water the pitch. No doubt the usual apologists will say it’s because the kids of Winslow have nothing to do.

@ShakersMMV: I dont get how some people think this is fine

@GavUk1969: Scumbags and small clubs get financially crippled because of mindless acts like this. I hope these individuals are caught and punished.

@bjdrayson: Sad to see. You have to hope that one day the anchors that did this will grow up and realise how pathetic it is or at the very least karma will sort them out in some other way.

@bigphils2003: Sad individuals with little guidance. If caught their names should be published

@Bushpig_Spotter: Just no respect these days, the parents must be so proud!

@ABitMiffedMatt: The sad thing is that this is not surprising. Keep the faith and keep going. You will prevail 🙏. Also if you find the little buggers give them a good hiding 🫣

@richardkeil32: Such a shame to happen to a club at the heart of the community. I hope those responsible return and repair the damage they have done . Hope you get this sorted without too much expense.

@KevinBower82: What is wrong with people. Football is a community sport and should bring local people together. Yet some sections of the human race let the whole world down. Best wishes and hopefully a repair can be done

@LeeCotton1: Simply not good enough. Must be some local parents who suspect this may be their little darlings’ handiwork.

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