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10 Basic Principles for New Players (Valorant Tips & Tricks)

Valorant is one of the most challenging FPS games in the video gaming world due to its steep learning curve. It takes elite skills and impressive reflexes to master and wins. So, if you’re new to it, get a general knowledge of the game’s mechanics to make it less difficult.

Since Valorant is very demanding, we’ve gathered some basic principles for new players, including Valorant tips and tricks. Secondly, you can utilize these Valorant hacks to take your gameplay to the next level.

That said, let’s continue with the principles below. 

Valorant Principles for New Players 

  1. Always play with your buddies 

Playing any FPS game with your buddies gives an instant edge over everyone playing alone. This will allow you to climb through the ranks and compete against more skilled players over time.

So, look for other Valorant gamers who share your views via gaming forums in your town or online. Communicate with each other in real-time using chat or microphones. You can strategize and execute different plans for various situations in the game.

  1. Be a perfect team player

Valorant has various heroes to pick from, each with unique strengths and downsides. Knowing the function of your hero will assist you in making smarter decisions throughout the game

For instance, if you play with an assault hero (who can handle massive destruction), stay ahead of your team during combats. Support champions (whose expertise is protecting and healing team members) should stay out of combat and concentrate on their role. 

So, if your team of four already has two assault champions, select a defense or support champion instead.

  1. Pick a hero with a rewarding playstyle

When picking which hero, remember that they don’t have equal or identical attributes. Some heroes can dive into battle and swiftly slay most enemy heroes, while others might use enough time.  

While some heroes can only fight in close quarters, others may strike from distant locations. Check out the accessible heroes in your game and find your match. 

Furthermore, consider the different maps in Valorant while picking a hero, as their sizes can affect your character.

  1. Refer to pro players’ gameplay

Watching clips of pro players guiding you on attacking and using your skills during combats can be helpful. 

As a new player, these clips will show you how the various heroes in Valorant operate, attack, and perform counter-strike moves. You’ll get a decent notion of each hero’s play style and learn which is an “adventure” or offense hero. 

  1. Work on how to use your abilities

The Valor Training Grounds’ is a great location to work on your abilities. It lets you explore your talents without worrying about enemy players firing at you, thanks to its shooting range area. 

By training with the dummies, you become accustomed to each hero’s unique attributes. You could even learn a few new tricks to use your skills better. 

  1. Don’t slack in communication

To succeed in Valorant, you’ll need everyone’s cooperation through communication. Thankfully, Valorant’s Ping System can come in handy there. 

By pressing “Z” (default key), you’re automatically pinging the area that your crosshair highlights. Ping anything you see. For instance, pinging an enemy will notify your teammates immediately of their location. It’ll help your squad position themselves for incomings.

  1. Don’t rush your game.

One mistake in Valorant can lead you to a fatal end, taking away one person from your team. For instance, if you must run at normal speed, make sure you’ve planned your next move, with your team providing you with cover.

Running is loud and exposes your location to nearby enemies. Even if you want to rush into fights, try not to be loud. More importantly, don’t just jump in. Always stay in touch with your team before and while you move.

  1. Don’t ADS always hip-fire instead

If you use your guns properly, you’ll get more accurate shots. You don’t need to aim down sight. The disadvantages of ADS include reduced fire rate, limited view, and reduced aiming speed.

Although some firearms have ADS as their backup feature, you don’t always need to employ it. So, instead, maintain hip firing as frequently as possible. 

  1. Use your ultimate abilities

Although it’s enticing to reserve ultimate abilities for significant multi-kill performances, the truth is that Valorant is more about small wins than smart plays. 

You can use your ultimate to force opponents off a spot, delay a spike defuse, or destroy the top Agents. There’s no best time to use your ultimate, so don’t save it. 

  1. Enjoy the game

Valorant is a challenging video game; don’t stress yourself if your performance isn’t outstanding. 

The game’s learning curve is STEEP, so go with the flow of any round you enter. Don’t worry about the K/D ratio because, once the closed beta ends, all progress is reset. 


Valorant is packed with heroes, features, and abilities that inexperienced players may find intimidating. However, the tips and tricks above will improve your first matches. 

So, start your adventure with your buddies, be a perfect team player, pick a hero with an elite play style, use your ultimate abilities and enjoy the game.

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